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Why SEO Article Writing And Not Plain Content Writing?

SEO article writing or Search Engine Optimization article writing is the biggest thing to hit the internet since…well…search engines! It is the way that website owners have found to help rank their pages higher in the lists. Some people try to do it themselves only to find out that SEO article writing is not as easy as it seems. The content must be good. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling must be spot on and keywords are of the utmost importance.

SEO Article Writing vs. Content Writing

Some people will argue that SEO article writing is totally different that normal content writing. To a point that is true. Content writing must be well thought out and researched, so must SEO article writing. Content writing must have good grammar and spelling, so must SEO article writing. Content writing must be engaging, informative, relevant, and entertaining, so must SEO article writing. Content writing doesn’t have to worry about using keywords at a specific density to optimize the web page for search engines to help increase page rank, SEO article writing does. That is the main difference between content writing and SEO article writing. SEO article writing, at least good SEO article writing has to be everything that standard content article writing is and then some. SEO article writing can prove to be difficult, especially when the keywords or keyword phrases aren’t something that a normal speaker or writer would say or write. The words must flow and appear natural but still fit the requirements of SEO article writing. Only truly talented writers can operate successfully in SEO article writing.

Good SEO Article Writing

Before you need to know how to find good SEO article writing you need to know what good SEO article writing looks like. You need to know what type of content you need and how long the article should be. Most companies that specialize in SEO article writing will tell you that SEO articles should be between 300 and 600 words. The average length of article is 500 words. Then depending upon the type of content and where it will be used, you will determine your keyword density. Standard rules of SEO article writing would say that for a web page or blog of 500 words you should have a keyword density of around 3%-4%. That means good SEO article writing would give you between 15 and 22 keywords for a 500 word article. That’s a lot more than you think it is. If you don’t think it sound like it is difficult, go ahead, give it a try. You will most likely be surprised at how difficult SEO article writing really is.

That is also a great way to start finding a company that is truly good at SEO article writing. Once you know how difficult SEO article writing is, when you see a company that can do it well and deliver quality articles quickly, you will know you have found a gem. It will also help you in understanding why companies that offer SEO article writing charge the fees per article they do. It takes a very special writer indeed to do SEO article writing.

Take for example this article; do you realize that the keyword phrase used in this article is SEO article writing? The total number of words for this article is 589 and the number of times the keyword phrase was used was 26 times, for a keyword density of 4.414%. Something to think about in your search.

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July 26

Writing Article Reviews


Writing a review article for a product is one of the greatest ways to get targeted traffic. Customers are looking for information to help them decide what to buy. By giving them the helpful information they need, you are aiding them to make that decision and are gaining a higher level of trust. If you do it right and they decide to buy right then, they will click on the link in your article to purchase from you. This is the whole basis of writing article reviews. Here are three methods to go about writing a review article.

The first way to write a review article is to buy the product. Firsthand knowledge allows you to list all the advantages and disadvantages of the product. Although it can be an expensive way to get information, you will be able to provide solid information. You will have a real review. Another option to consider is to ask the owner for a trial, and tell them you own a popular review site that you plan reviewing their product on. Many companies would love the chance to get a review, if they knew it could bring them some business. It can’t hurt to ask.

A second way, is to take a survey of others who have used the product or service before. You can ask them questions about the product using a standard set of questions you would like to cover in order to give a good review. You can also ask them to give it a rating on a scale of one to ten. Online forums are a great place to find users who would be nice enough to give you the information you are looking for. If you are able to find enough customers to take your survey, this is a great way to write an accurate review without having to buy the product.

The third, cheapest, and fastest way to write a review article is to search for other review articles on the same topic. Search Google for other review articles and compile the points you would like to highlight/summarize in your own words. Include the good and the bad comments of the customer’s experience that you found. Then, just average the ratings you got from them and you are done. With this method, you dont have to buy the product or spend time trying to locate other owners to interview.

Purchasing products and services is a good way to get information for writing review articles. But, if you advertise a lot of them, be ready to spend a lot of money and hope they convert! You may want to interview additional users or search other reviews. Whichever way you choose to do it, writing review articles is one of the most profitable forms of article marketing today.

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Image by Why Not Linh Vu
Article 1 : Bros before ho’s – “The bond between men is stronger than the bond between a man and a woman because, on average, men are stronger than woman. That’s just science”

July 12

Article Writing, A Path To Free Targeted Traffic


Article writing has become one of the best ways to get into the search engine rankings and to establish expertise. Article Writing is one of the most important and effective form of marketing and promotion that guarantees your success and business profits.

If you want to bring targeted traffic to your website, using keyword optimized articles
is now considered one of the main methods.

When you understand how you can write one article and create long term traffic for maximum website traffic you will want to write on a consistent basis targeting more keywords. That is why I don’t mess with traffic generating gimmicks…I want permanent sources of traffic; writing articles accomplishes this.

Article writing is one of easiest, simplest ways to get new potential customers to visit your website. Article writing is the most cost-effective way to drive tons of traffic to your web site. Writing articles is also used to create content by webmasters to create value for visitors. Article writing is a profitable method of marketing and getting free targeted traffic publicity.

Writing high quality, compelling articles is the ‘cat’s meow’ for driving targeted traffic to the authors web site or business. Writing and submitting your articles is one thing. Writing and submitting articles strategically to various Sites is of tremendous value in both Promotion and Placement.

Writing business related articles with good keywords will actually drive more search engine traffic and also a kind of link building tactic. Writing articles and submitting them to article directory web sites should be project numero uno for you in an attempt to build valuable back links to your web site. Writing articles and submitting them to article directories is an inexpensive way to get traffic to your website.

Learn the tricks of the freelance trade through articles about: writing irresistible query letters; landing interviews with famous and busy people; selling the same article many times; ending your articles gracefully; making your leads sparkle; and drawing your readers in with titles.

There are many free methods of advertising on the Internet that are not very effective, but writing and distributing articles is a surefire way to get your website noticed and a great way to generate income online.

Even if you’re a new writer, you can freelance your way to a fantastic writing career. You simply create a free account with one or more article directories and submit your content for inclusion in their directory. Break free from McDonald’s and get yourself a REAL job.

As an additional bonus, this free method can boost your sites and sales, doubling and even tripling your income. If you think about it, using some of your spare time writing articles and submitting to free content sites can be very lucrative. And writing articles is one of the fastest (and FREE) ways to get lots of exposure, especially if a publisher with a large list picks it up.

What sets some people apart from others regarding article writing, is that they are prepared

and have learned some correct methods, procedures, and time savers for writing articles.

The concept of article writing is to provide the readers with useful, honest and entertaining information, on topics the readers are interested in….can you say ‘targeted traffic’ ! That is why article writing is the most utilized Internet marketing media today.

Conclusion: Article writing is the most cost-effective way to drive tons of traffic to your web site and even if you’re a new writer, you can freelance your way to a fantastic article writing career.

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Image from page 239 of “Hardware merchandising August-October 1912” (1912)
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Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: hardmerchaugoct1912toro
Title: Hardware merchandising August-October 1912
Year: 1912 (1910s)
Subjects: Hardware industry Hardware Implements, utensils, etc Building
Publisher: Toronto :
Contributing Library: Fisher – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: Algoma University, Trent University, Lakehead University, Laurentian University, Nipissing University, Ryerson University and University of Toronto Libraries

View Book Page: Book Viewer
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Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book.

Text Appearing Before Image:
pen and T square was usedfor this purpose, making the stripes 1inch apart, leaving a white panel in the40 centre for the wording. To demon-strate the use of the script lettering inthe cards belonging to this lesson, itwas necessary to use the lower case, aswill be taught in the next and last les-son of this series. Script capitals can-not be used together to make up aword. The Lined Effect. A number of very catchy effects maybe obtained by using the fine lines. Oneway is to line the letter as was shownin a previous lesson; another idea is toline the card around the letter anddecoration, and yet another style, whichis very effective, is to line the decora-tion as is shown in the accompanyingcard. The whole design and letering in thiscase was pencilled out, then outlinedwith a brush and ruled with a rulingpen, leaving the lettering open. Thespray of roses and the ribbon was thengiven a tint—any desirable tint of veryContinued on page 42- HARDWARE AND METAL (W*N9llhPrudk0UlllSiwScript

Text Appearing After Image:
Plate showing the various strokes used in brush outline script. 41 Progressive Hardware Retailing A Humorous Series of Window Cards—Firm Established an Auto Station inFront of Store—Clearing Out the Seasons Goods—A Voting Contest For Piano. A TALK IN TOOL TERMS. Chatham, N.B.—In the windows ofMcDonalds hardware store this weekwas displayed an attractive array ofcarpenters tools, which were shown insuch a manner as to command attentionfrom passers-by. And the advertisingof them was a piece of novel and up-to-date work, drawing attention to almostevery article shown in the window, or atleast such as are most commonly in useby carpenters. On the day the dis-play was being made there appeared inthe leading newspaper of the town, adialogue supposed to have taken placeoutside the store and to have been over-heard by a newspaperman as follows:1 Ever see a spoke shave a plumb, Bob ?No, but I saw a nail set a tee squareand a monkey wrench a floor, Jack.0, gimlets, brace up and have a b

Note About Images
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

July 5

Understand SEO Article Writing The Right Way


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the procedure of making a certain website easily found by the search engines. This has become very important particularly for online businesses because competition is stiff in the cyberworld. In this article, we will talk about one of the most effective tools used in this process known as SEO article writing. Whether you are a business owner or a budding writer, you can definitely benefit from this read.~Have you heard of SEO article writing? It’s a search engine optimization method which uses articles to help a site rank high on the search engine results pages (SERP). It is believed to be one of the most effective ways to get your business known because it makes your site a lot more accessible to all. In this article, let’s learn more about this method and how helpful it can be to your business.~The world of online business is all about winning your target market and keeping them for good. This is the very heart of search engine optimization (SEO). If you’re not familiar with this yet, then you should read this article. Here you will learn more of it and its most effective method — SEO article writing- is all about.

Article writing for SEO involves creating articles that are helpful and informative. There are certain principles in producing write ups like this, such as using keywords related with a certain niche and maintaining the quality of information at the same time. Both are crucial because they have a direct effect on the enterprise they represent.~Article writing for SEO involves producing write ups that are related to your niche. They typically use certain keywords so that search engine crawlers (also known as spiders) will easily find them. The primary objective when writing them is to be informative and engaging. After all, their content has a direct effect on the success of your enterprise.~Basically, all SEO efforts are aimed at one goal: To make your website rank highly on the search engine results pages (SERP). This is important because being on top of the SERP means being on top of the game too. The higher your position is, the nearer you are to winning. Now, you have to understand that the formula of article writing lies in the keywords used. These words are necessary so that the search engine have something to find. Typically, they are formulated according to the possible patterns that an internet user would type on the search engine box.

Basically, entrepreneurs put premium on article writing because it is a cost-effective means to boost their business’ popularity and reputation. They are much cheaper than traditional marketing and can be effortlessly created online. Apart from this though, article writing provides a way to specifically target the market they want to penetrate. As a result, their efforts become more often worth their while.~Many online entrepreneurs utilize articles mostly to promote their business and build its reputation. They are a relatively cheaper means to get to the same end that traditional marketing is aiming for. But truth is it can even be a much better option because apart from the low cost, it also enables you to reach your target market straight away. Traditional marketing can’t do that. Often, its methods are general and broad in scope.~Unlike other forms of marketing strategies, article writing is comparatively cheap. In fact, if you can do the writing yourself, you will definitely end up spending much less- if not spending nothing at all. Imagine how much you can save compared to doing a traditional marketing campaign, right? And the even cooler thing is it can directly reach your target audience. The people who type-in your keywords are those already interested in what you are offering. You just need to win and make them stay.

SEO content writing comes with a whole bunch of other benefits. Here are some of them:~Apart from promotion and climbing the SERP though, SEO content writing comes with other advantages. Here’s a quick list:~Moving on, apart from the ones already mentioned, SEO content writing have other advantages such as the following:

Establishes authority on the field. As already mentioned, the competition among businesses online is quite rigid. Well-written articles for SEO have the power to establish one’s authority in any arena. They showcase one’s knowledge in a particular subject.~Establishes authority. The Internet has revolutionized the way people do business and because it’s pretty simple to start an online venture, many people jump into it. Consequently, the competition has never been steeper. Now the great thing about well-written SEO content is it significantly affects the course of your game. The more informative and engaging your write ups are, the more you can thrive in the industry.~Builds reputation. It’s quite simple to start an online business but it’s not as simple to keep it. Why? Because the competition is stiff. Article writing can help you do well in the competition because it can showcase your expertise on a certain niche. By simply reading your content, people will already have a good idea of how much you know or how reputable you are.

Develops trust. They say “Trust is earned” and this can’t be truer in the world of online business. If an entrepreneur is able to portray himself as someone who knows what he is talking about, people will automatically be drawn to him. After all, it’s not at all difficult to rely on someone who has the answers to your questions (or even problems), right?~Cultivates trust. Trust is crucial in all aspects of life particularly in running a business. If you can’t get people to trust you, they won’t support your business either. As a result, you go bankrupt. You wouldn’t want this to happen, would you? Luckily SEO articles can prevent this by helping you cultivate trust from your readers. If you satisfy your audience and show that you’re there to give not just what they need now, but also in the future, they will surely trust you.~Builds trust. If you are able to give whatever your readers need, or answer the questions in their heads with accuracy, they will naturally be inclined to trust you. No sweat!

Promotes stickiness of a website. The stickiness of a website pertains to the ability of the site to maintain visitors. This is vital because the longer you engage a reader, the bigger the possibility of him becoming your client. SEO article writing is an excellent way to do this because as long as you produce informative and interesting write-ups, people will not only flock but also stay on your site.~Improves site stickiness. Site stickiness is the ability of your site to keep the visitors engaged. This matters a lot because the longer you engage a reader, the bigger the possibility of him becoming a client. This is the reason behind the primary goal of SEO article writing. Only informative and engaging write ups can raise site stickiness.~Promotes stickiness of the site. If the readers linger in your site for a significant length of time because they love exploring it or reading the content, that means your site is sticky. SEO article writing can promote site stickiness especially if you know how to write engagingly.

Increases traffic. The thing about site stickiness is it doesn’t only engage a visitor for the time being; a truly sticky site makes people go back for more. As a result, traffic increases. This is very helpful because apart from the possibility of converting readers to clients, it also helps you climb up the search engine results pages. Naturally, the higher you get, the better it is. Web users click on what they see first, after all.~Boosts traffic. If your site is sticky, it will not only get a hold of its visitors but also make them come back. Naturally, the more they come back, the higher your traffic becomes.~Encourages traffic. Article writing encourages traffic if you have a content worth reading. A genuinely sticky site must not only be able to engage the visitors for the time being but also make them come back in the future. When you have a steady group of followers, you also likely have a steady group of clients.

The list can go on with regard to the benefits of SEO article writing, but, if the ones mentioned already impressed you, then you should give this SEO method a try. It can definitely make a difference in the future of your business.~These are just a few benefits of SEO article writing. There are still more to the list but these are the basic ones you should know about. If you can enjoy all of these, then your efforts are already worth the while.~SEO article writing is something you should really explore if you haven’t gotten your hands on it yet. It’s simple, affordable, and highly effective in making your business known to the world. Why would you do it any other way when you can have heaps of good in a single technique?

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On Crazy Work (2015)
writing article
Image by Светлана Стеклова

No fancy work allows for greater display of individual taste and ingenuity than crazy work, and certainly nothing of the sort has taken so great a hold upon the minds of the ladies.

It is claimed by many that the mania for doing crazy patch-work is on the decline, which may in a sense be true, but it will never die out. Every lady has an accumulation of odd pieces of silk which are not adapted for any particular article, and cannot possibly be put to better advantage than that of crazy quilting.

2.: Правильная поза при письме праворукого

Are you starting to think about writing a journal article for the first time yet not quite sure how to begin? Discover the four A’s with journal editor Professor David Simon, as he offers advice on what to think about before you start to write (part of the Taylor & Francis #getpublished video series).
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June 13

Article Marketing — Writing for the Internet


Article marketing incorporates writing carefully and concisely for a target audience on the Internet. While all writing begins with good grammar, accurate spelling and compelling content, there are several differences between print writing and online writing in both structure and purpose. Online articles tend to be shorter than printed text, as do the individual sentences that make up the text. Readers usually skim what they see online, so articles are not only shorter, but often broken up into small sections rather than presented as a large block of text.

Writing online articles for the purpose of article marketing involves targeting a specific audience and providing them with relevant content that is usually intended to drive them to another resource by way of a link.

Internet Writing and SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a strategy for increasing traffic to a website using organic search engine results. In terms of article marketing, this means creating an article that is targeted around keywords readers might use to search for your content in the search engines. In order to drive targeted traffic to the content of the article, the article will need to rank high in the search engines. To do this, your desired keywords must be sprinkled generously throughout the text in a natural way that doesn’t make the content seem like a sales pitch.

Search engines use programs that scan the content of a website by sending “spiders” to crawl every bit of information on the site. The most widely-used search engines place a great deal of importance on backlinks, or links to a site from other websites. Article marketing helps to get these links because you have inserted them in the author’s bio at the end of the article. They point to your site for readers interested in your content as well as spiders crawling the web searching for relevant linked-up websites.

An Emphasis on Quality

Quality content is one of the most important aspects of successful article marketing. Providing your readers with relevant information that delivers what they are searching for will drive not just traffic to your site, but targeted, trusting readers who respect what you have to offer. Furthermore, many article directories have quality control measures that protect against low quality articles. Misinformation or invalid content often will not be listed on these directories, let alone indexed by the search engines.

The Importance of Effective Titles

The title of an online article is essential to the success of the marketing campaign. A title that contains targeted keywords not only helps readers find the content they need, but also boosts the article’s search engine rankings. Choosing the title of an online article is a balancing act that involves drawing in potential readers with clever catchiness but also satisfying the search engines’ ranking system.

Straightforward and Uncluttered

Online readers tend to scan what they read online and need their text broken up into small logically flowing chunks. As a result, the body of the text may be divided by headlines or broken up into short paragraphs. Using sub-headings, lists, bullet points and bold key phrases are effective ways to create an article that is easy enough to read so that you will not lose your audience. The importance of keyword usage still remains, but splitting up the text into snackable chunks can hook readers and ease them from the first word to the last.

Get Grammar Guidance

Writing effective articles for the Internet takes time, research and practice to become an expert. Here are a few tips:
* When writing to your audience, write using the active voice to make your words more direct, clear and concise.
* Always use proper grammar and avoid slang.
* Always run your text through a spell-checker to avoid simple but glaring errors.
* If your text includes any specialized terms, define them for your audience so their read is easy and enjoyable.
* Do not, under any circumstances, copy text from another source. This is not only wrong, it will make your article plummet in the search engine rankings due to duplicate content.

If you want to learn more about writing there are many good books available. A great one to start with is William Zinsser’s On Writing Well: the Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction.


If you don’t feel that you can produce high-quality articles yourself, one solution is to outsource the work to freelance writers. While this can be an efficient way to get your articles written, you must make sure to find trustworthy writers who can produce content at the level of quality you desire. Outsourcing can work only if you identify a resource or company that provides writers at a cost effective rate with consistent and reliable delivery of high quality content.

Article marketing can be a powerful strategy for generating targeted traffic and backlinks to your site. It can increase both your credibility and your search engine rankings. But to be successful, you need to employ the unique style of writing specific to the Internet. Online writing is different from print writing in structure and content, but successful online writing is guaranteed to help your business’s bottom line.

Enzo F. Cesario is a Copywriter and co-founder of Brandsplat. Brandcasting uses informative content and state-of-the-art internet distribution and optimization to build links and drive the right kind of traffic to your website. The approach is simple, highly effective and affordable. Visit our website to learn more about how we can deliver higher traffic and more profits to your website.

writing article
Image by touching peace photography – Paul Davis

HSC / High school English tips and guide to writing and “designing” a great feature article – see more at
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June 10

Important Information on Writing a Feature Article


Writing a feature article is quite a bit more difficult then it sounds. Many individuals feel that they have the writing skills necessary to produce a feature article but they do not have the knowledge and experience to construct an article that is of feature quality. The following details some tips that can help you produce a feature article.

Each feature article will be written with a specific subject or field at the center of the article. The more specialized the article the more specific the topic, the more general publications will have articles that cover a wide range of topics that may not be overly complex. Professional journals such as medical publications have very specific guidelines and look for certain types of articles.

Before you even begin to write your article you need to understand what the theme is and what demographic you are writing for. The audience will dictate any specific stylization you may need to use. Niche publications and other professional journals will have a very specific audience but they do not tend to pay as much as them ore general publications.

You need to have as much information as possible on your chosen topic and now it inside and out and all the different opinions surrounding the subject. When writing an article on alternative energy you should need to display why alternative energy is needed, the benefits to using alternative energy, the many types of alternative energy and more.

Possibly the most important part of your feature article will be the title as the title is what draws the reader further into the article. A great article will spark a reader’s curiosity and they will read the entire article. A poor title will mean that your article will rarely be read, even if the content is fantastic. The title should present information on the subject of your article without displaying your opinion or the opinion you are supporting in your article. You should write a few different titles before choosing one to make sure you create the best title for your feature article.

Writing a feature article will also rely on your writing style. You will never find a dull or boring feature article. No matter the topic the writing style of the feature article will always be engaging. If you do not have the most engaging of writing style then you can make up for this by being extremely knowledgeable on the topic, writing about something controversial or voicing a strong opinion even if you disagree with that opinion.

A feature article will include information from many sources. It is important to have factual information as well as different opinions. You can include a friend’s opinion and contrast that with an expert’s opinion or use a celebrity interview. Including current events and politic action on the topic can also be useful. You will easily craft an engaging article by using different types of information.

Always remember to let your personality shine through, as this will set your article apart from the rest. You should always be trying to improve your writing at every step by exposing yourself to different types of writing styles and reading many articles.

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Sacred & Profane Festival • 2014 graffiti
writing article
Image by origamidon
Florida Av, Peaks Island in Casco Bay, Portland, Maine USA • Saturday, October 8th was the annual (secret) Sacred & Profane Festival, as always, held in Battery Steele (1942), also known as U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Battery Construction #102, a United States military fortification, completed in 1942 as part of World War II, it is located on 14 acres (5.7 ha) on the oceanside area of the island. It is named for Harry Lee Steele, who was a coastal artillery officer during World War I. It was built to protect Casco Bay, particularly Portland harbor, from Kennebunk to Popham Beach in Phippsburg. – from Wikipedia. ~ It’s now one of thirteen island parcels owned and managed by the Peaks Island Land Preserve

Portland and the other harbors of southern Maine were terribly important ports. Civil War forts still dotted the islands around these harbors, but Portland now needed far more advanced fortifications to protect it from German attack.

So Peaks Island became home to over eight hundred soldiers. Concrete bunkers and observation posts are everywhere. On the far side of the Island are two huge abandoned gun turrets separated by several hundred feet of underground tunnel. Each held a monster 16-inch naval gun. The guns were test-fired only once. Their blasts broke windows all over the island and the recoil, transmitted through rock, caused small earthquakes. After the war, an Islander ran into a German U-boat captain who said he’d spent the war looking at Peaks Island — through a periscope. … Invasive bittersweet vines, once planted as camouflage, now grow over that history. – From a report of a visit to the Island by John H. Lienhard.

☞ On October 20, 2005, the National Park Service added this structure and site to the National Register of Historic Places (#05001176).

• GeoHack: 43°39′32″N 70°10′50″W.

How to make money online writing articles (-0 per article)

article writing is one of the best way to make money online, there are so many topics to choose and 50+ websites where you can submit your articles. I have been making money writing articles since 2013. I earn 0 to 0 per article.
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June 9

Top Six Functionality That Require Article Writing Service


When you understand it is time to outsource to a service content material with the write-up writing so you are able to concentrate your efforts around the component of one’s company to create much more earnings, you understand the characteristics to search for? Some businesses that provide content material for you that’s so poorly written which will really decrease their earnings, although other people disregard content material that can make your earnings develop. Selecting the correct company from scratch is as easy as understanding the characteristics of the fantastic write-up written company ought to have.

Getting a fantastic group of writers will be the initial function to search for inside a service of writing the write-up. This really is most likely probably the most essential function, simply because it relieves the tension of needing to continuously clarify their requirements towards the writers. A fantastic group of writers will probably be in a position to provide objects that meet their requirements no matter which group member is making content material. Regardless of what occurs, you understand you will get the constant content material with out needing to clarify your requirements to an additional writer.

Make certain the group requires the time to create a private romantic relationship will be the 2nd function they have to. When a group requires time to understand you along with your advertising requirements, then they’ll have the ability to provide content material quicker and much more accurately. Numerous businesses within the writing with the write-up appears to miss this stage and this might trigger you to need to clarify in detail what you would like, when you purchase an write-up for your company.

Acquiring native English speaking writers could be the third characteristic to look for within a organization in writing. The English language is difficult to learn, but whenever you publish properly you’ll be able to communicate together with your readers. Should you use incorrect phrases and words, readers will observe this instantly and drop credibility.

Whose content is that is 100% unique and Copyscape approval is the fourth feature that requires the article writing service. The more unique content on your website is the highest position you will receive from search engines. In order to verify that their content is 100% unique, you can run through Copyscape. Any company that does this is going to be able to fully ensure its content is 100% exclusive.

Make certain that content material is supplied for you through the service write-up writing is totally free of error will be the fifth function. You would like your content material flows easily and doesn’t seem choppy to their readers. This can only occur in the event the writers make certain they use the correct words, verify spelling and grammar of one’s go to.

Have full rights to any content produced for you is the sixth feature has to be considered. Unique content gets a higher search placement duplicate content, while getting a lower rank. There is nothing worse than having a vendor selling the exact content of those will end up lowering your search engine rankings and reduce its credibility in the eyes of its readers.

There are six key features to look for when you are considering hiring a service of writing the article. All equipment must be able to meet your needs no matter who is writing for you, you must also want to know you and your needs better, we must speak native English, all of the content we provide must be 100% unique content must be free of spelling and grammar errors, and should be given full rights to the contents acquired. Your benefits and your business really fly to greater heights if you hire an article writing service that can satisfy all these characteristics.

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Unforgivable and Unforgettable
writing article
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June 7

How To Compose The Article Body


The body of an article is its primary content. It is the part of the article where you must gain the trust of your readers and encourage them to click on the link which you will put in the signature that would be at the end of the article. This is very important since the primary goal of writing the article is to get traffic, which will be impossible if you are unable to get them to fully read the article because your signature will most likely to be at the very bottom of the article.

Don’t let the importance of quality in an article scare you off.

You don’t need a Degree in English Language to write a quality article. In fact, I have generated several thousands of visitors through my articles and yet, I am not even a professional writer. Don’t bother too much about your grammar; you can always get away with that. What you most definitely won’t get away with is if your writing doesn’t make sense. However, I recommend hiring a ghostwriter if you have extremely bad English.

Articles should be easy to “scan.”

Internet readers do not usually have much time to waste, 80% of these people will try to scan through your article to see if it contains what they are actually looking for and if they don’t find a clue to give them the assurance, they will move to the next article, remember the internet is wide. Your title is the first thing they will check and if it is compelling they will open it.

As soon as they open your article through the title, they will be taken to the body. Remember they are looking for quick and easy information. Failure to meet this need will result in them moving on because if you are unable to give them that, someone else surely will.

So, you basically should make sure your article is easy to scan through, so they can find reasons to read and hopefully, checkout on your signature.

Here are few things to consider doing to make your article easier to scan.

– Use bullets and lists – bullets and lists are a great way to format your article to make it look easy to read.

– Use more paragraphs – Using many paragraphs in your article will make it easier to read. Having 5 or more paragraphs for each aspect of the article, is far better than having only 5 long paragraphs in the whole article. Many people often mistake writing for the web to writing to please English teachers in school. You do not need to follow those rules, teachers/professors have more time to read your articles but the internet readers/researchers don’t, so, you need to keep their attention grabbed.

Articles are bait!

The goal of your article body should be to give the readers what they actually want. Your article should be a kind of trap to make them visit your site. Now let’s say for instance that your article is about “eradicating pets from gardens” and you gave the exact effective procedure in the article, do you think they really need to click on the link you put in the signature? HELL NO!

Don’t get me wrong here; I am not saying you should give them some crappy advice. Give them some very good information but be sure not to give them just everything they are looking for, in order to establish a reason to click on the link in your signature.

Long articles or short?

This is a very common question, but the answer is very simple. First, you need to understand that you are submitting these articles to drive traffic from the directories, rank for long tail keywords and create backlinks to your website. And each article you submit will give you these exact same results, if you write them effectively.

From the above, uploading two 400 words articles will help you drive more traffic to your website any day than to have one 800 words article uploaded. So, instead of uploading that 800 words article you have written, I will advise you to slit it into two articles into two several parts.

The ideal word count for an article is 400 words. Going over that really won’t hurt, but you can be more productive by saving yourself some time to work on other things by writing less. If you have to write more than 500 words on a topic, try getting it up to 800 and give it the treatment in the above paragraph. You can submit one to the article directory and the other to your website.

In this case, you can ask the reader of the article you submitted in the directory to read the remaining part of the article on your site, therefore getting extra visitors. You will have to do this in your signature of course. You can’t take away the effectiveness this strategy will add to your article marketing campaign.

It is believed that the more the words an article contained, the more the chances of picking up random search engine results. Search engines will basically serve your articles only for the words their crawlers found in it, which means that the more words you have in the article, the better your chance of getting traffic through it.

This is the truth, because you will get a few more visitors through long tail results longer articles. In most cases anyway, the small amount of extra traffic won’t be able to equal the amount of traffic you will drive with two articles.

DON’T promote in the body

Use the body of your article to build trust and credibility with the reader and establish yourself an authority in the topic. You don’t want to scare them away by talking about your business, product or service.

You should add one or two links with anchor text to the body of the article, if it is allowed by the article directory. This can be very helpful for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But don’t forget to not make a reference to your product or service in here.

Because there is spam all over the place, people are more alerted these days. They don’t like to be forced to buy things. Most article readers are looking for free information and when you start pushing your product or service too early, there is a possibility of losing a huge portion of them to other article owners.

An article publisher once suggested one should give with the article body and take with the signature.

After you have given the value inside the body, it is time to reference your business, product or service. This of course should be done only in the “signature” of the article.

Many of your readers will be okay with this, at least you have established yourself as an authority in the topic and they should be believe you.

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Article on display in the Abbey Museum

This narrated presentation teaches students how to critically read a piece of writing. It focuses on helping students write the summary portion and the analytical response portion of their Essay. You can print a copy of my notes from this video here: http://www.mesacc.edu/~paoih30491/How%20To%20Summarize%20and%20Critically%20Analyze%20PDF.pdf

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June 7

Using UAW Article Writing to Promote Your Web Based Business


If you were to do a Google search right now on any niche that you are considering as a business, you will more than likely see millions of websites that are already in existence. When you have a new website, you need to work your way through all of them on Google in order to be successful. The most effective way to do this is with a UAW Article Writing campaign.

What most people don?t understand about article marketing is that Google only indexes one piece of content. What this means is that if you have the same article being published time and again, Google will more than likely only index it one time. You can publish the same article with the same resource box as much as you want, but it will do very little to help your ranking.

This is the one thing that standard article services don?t tell you about. They tout that they can get your article listed in hundreds, if not thousands of directories, but the fail to tell you that it is the same exact article time and again. You are basically wasting your money.

The one thing that you can do is use an ?article spinning program? that will change out keywords throughout the articles to give them a somewhat unique look to them. The danger in doing this is that while a synonym will work in some contexts, it will not work in all of them. When it is used inappropriately by the program, you end up with gibberish and possible clients shaking their head.

There is no arguing the fact that article marketing works, but there has to be a better way of getting unique content other than spending the money to have thousands of unique articles written for you and then submitting them to directories. The answer is UAW or Unique Article Wizard Article Writing. This will allow you to literally have thousands of articles generated off of just three original articles.

UAW article writing is something that should be done by a freelance writer unless you are experienced in this style of writing. It is very unique are very particular and if you are not careful, you could end up with an article similar to ones that are produced by the spinning services. Choose an article writing service that is proven and successful at UAW writing.

If you want your website noticed, using an aggressive UAW Article Writing campaign is far and away the best way to go. It will cost you the least amount of money and has been proven to be extremely effective in improving Google ranks. The decision is yours. You can continue to waste your money or go with a freelance writing service and software program that is putting people on page one, line one of Google.

When you are trying to promote your website or business, article marketing has been proven to be the best method to establish a quick Google rank. Use Simply the Best Writing for all of your article writing needs. You can contact Simply the Best Writing at info@simplythebestwriting.com.

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Identifier: stnicholasserial392dodg
Title: St. Nicholas [serial]
Year: 1873 (1870s)
Authors: Dodge, Mary Mapes, 1830-1905
Subjects: Children’s literature
Publisher: [New York : Scribner & Co.]
Contributing Library: Information and Library Science Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Digitizing Sponsor: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Text Appearing Before Image:
>t. Nicholas in 1912 is a better comrade than ever for boys and girls of all ages. Beside the splendidals there will be scores of short stories, jolly jingles, beautiful pictures, and interesting, valuable articles.Three dollars a year. The Century Co., Union Square, New York. ST. NICHOLAS ADVERTISEMENTS WHY NOT St. Nicholas in Your School?

Text Appearing After Image:
Each dot means acity or town with schools receiving St. Nicholasin 1911. Every state and territory, save one, shows a schoolcirculation for the magazine. There are 476 cities and towns.St. Nicholas is used in some schools to supplement regularreading text-books; in others the teachers use it in languagereproduction work, nature study, geography or history. In othersthe magazine forms a valuable link between pupil and schoollibrary. The young person who discovers for himself thathigh-class reading is interesting—that he likes it—isgoing on with his education throughout his life; when-ever and wherever he has a minutes leisure and can gethold of a good magazine or book. ST. NICHOLAS Makes Good Reading Attractive Only S3.00 a YearTHE CENTURY CO., Publishers From the Letter of aConnecticut Teacher I am a teacher and take themagazine for my Seventh andEighth Grammar Grades. I wishyou could see the improvement inreading, both oral and silent, thathas resulted from the use of St.Nicholas

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May 31

Make Piles Of Cash Writing Articles


Were you aware that you can make a whole lot of money writing on the Internet? You can make money online but there is a way to do it. For you to make money online you have to know how to do it. You have to also do the right things and carry out the right methods. There are a lot of people who really want to make money online but they are just not sure how to do it. You could be one of those people. If you are one of those people, this is the time that you should start getting things moving and start making that money. Why are you waiting around?

I am sorry if I sound a little bit rude here, but what is stopping you from making money online? What is stopping you from getting what you want out of life? Why have you found is so difficult to make money online? A lot of people try to do something and they give up because they don’t see instant results. Well I am going to let you know that you won’t get instant results. I am not going to tell you that you are going to make millions in a couple of days, because this is not the case. I am going to tell you this, you can make money, and you will make millions. But, you can only make those millions if you are focused. Focus is very important.

Making money online is as simple as writing articles. It is as simple as having one computer and a working Internet connection. Yes it really is that simple. You can start to change your life with one simple strategy. If you implement this strategy and do it over and over again. There is no limit to the amount of money you can make.

How is it possible for you to make money online writing article pieces? You can really make a lot of money writing articles again and again. You have to keep on writing though. Were you aware that making money was going to be as easy as this? Were you aware that turning your life around was going to be as easy as this? Now you are aware of this you can start making money and stop moaning that you are broke.

I was broke at one point, in fact I was down and out. I had nothing and now I am the complete opposite. I am not going to say that I have everything because I don’t. I am getting there, and this one proven strategy is what will change your life forever. So start changing your life today.

Learn the secret of Making money writing articles Find out how you can change your life and as a Freelance writer

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Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: tigerstudentnews21colo
Title: The Tiger (student newspaper), Sept. 1918-June 1919
Year: 1918 (1910s)
Authors: Colorado College
Subjects: Colorado College Student publications Colorado College student newspaper College newspapers and periodicals
Publisher: Colorado College
Contributing Library: Colorado College, Tutt Library
Digitizing Sponsor: LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation

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Text Appearing Before Image:
THE J. C. JARRETT MOTORCOMPANY Scripps-Booth and HaynesDistributors „.„.„x«:-::-m-k-:» TIGERS: WHEN YOU COME TO DENVER MAKE THE St lames fiotel YOUR HEADQUARTERS IN THE CENTRE OF EVERYTHING 1500 Curtis Street Denver, Colo. The Only Drug Store Giving Its Best Floor Space to PRESCRIPTIONS Special Agents for Kodaks Toilet Goods, Drug Sundries The MONROE DRUG CO. J. B. TAYLORPhone Main 258 and 386 120 N. Tejon St. I ft THE COLORADO COLLEGE TIGER, TUESDAY, JUNE 3, 1919

Text Appearing After Image:
Section 2. All male students in col- ulty; shall sign eacli certificate ofleges in the United Slates, shall be cli-! membership. At least a majority shallgible to membership; membership ]conduct all trials. The committeeshall consist of two grades—hill mem- shall make an annual report to thebership and junior membership. ! faculty shortly before the close of the Section 3. Candidates for mem- academic year, and shall make asbership shall have complied with (he | many other reports as may be calledconditions set forth in Article 9 (full i f°r W ,nc faculty. The committeegrade) or Article 10 (junior grade), snR rePorl Promptly < the Nationald been approved as provided in K^P pMhe Rolls the name and dateArticle 7, Sections 2 and 3 I °f admission of every new member Section 4. No student shall be ad- |admilted lo fl1 tending,milted lo membership who is found by I Article 8. Fees. the faculty to be delinquent in schol- . Section I. The initiation fee ofarship. 11! membership shall n

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