September 6

Professional Article Writing Is Different From Regular Article Writing


Many people claim to have writing skills but professional article writing is not writing an essay at the end of a term, it needs something exceptional and sort of technical because your expertise to gather ideas and formulate a paragraph can not be proved worthwhile in this specific regard. Professional article writers know that only effective article writing is not enough because many other important components are needed in order to craft a script especially for online readers and visitors. It should be relevant to the subject and must have some keywords which are like a driving force for making an article visible and readable.

Online domain is not like a book in library that can be easily picked out from a shelf, here totally different mechanism works. There are specific keywords that tell a search engine where to place an article on the internet. Professional article gives a way to other related stuff and sites to become prominent and noticeable and produce a network of information. A good article always helps the reader to learn something as every stuff has some message whether it is a product promotional stuff or idea promotion but article must reflect something informative along with some engaging and amusing tone. This specialized form of writing is actually promoted and published on internet and internet is a machine that doesn’t feel words but categorize them. So, for professional article writing, writer should be eager to create stuff that should be entertaining, creative, informative as well as having effectively used keywords that not only make it readable but also visible.

Like usual news or academic articles, they don’t have bibliographic content but certain related links or back links that lead reader to further move towards a service. A common aspect that is staunchly practiced by both writing styles is researching before writing. As these electronic articles are shorter in length as compare to other writing formats and need to be created in a short time period or almost regularly so, one of the fastest way to produce articles frequently is researching and reading about the topic. Before start writing, writer is required to have complete and reliable information about the matter. When every thing has there in mind, one can easily and frequently write without stopping.

Professional article writing is all about appropriate use of keywords, writer must be proficient enough and expert to use keywords and know how to effectively include them into the article that can increase its readability and also divert more traffic towards a site. This process is the major undertaking and in order to produce thriving and popular article, one has to learn the obligations and requirements of this writing method because this information dissemination medium is receiving more recognition and has adopted by almost every online business domain. This communication mean is not only less costly but also successfully accomplishing its goals.

Phyllis Prenatt is an award winning web content writer is the leading expert in writing content for websites aimed at professionals and generation-y audience alike and much more. She has written content for various niches and industries and is an expert in seo article writers for the web. She has served in the web content industry for over a decade and has recently joined Cyber Writers as Editor-in-Chief.

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Image by seosmarty

NOTE: This video is aimed at students working on one specific “journal article summary” assignment in my classes. So others may find it helpful, but please always keep in mind that different instructors will want different things in your work.

Suggestions on how to write cohesive, succinct summaries. This includes advice on what information to include and what to omit, and information about common mistakes that students frequently make on this assignment.
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September 5

How To Understand Article Marketing and Business Success


Understanding the role of article marketing and its impact on a successful online business is crucial to business owners. Implementing correct article marketing strategies will reap enormous benefits including increased traffic, generating new leads and new customers, thereby broadening your online presence.

There are various steps that should be implemented in order to develop an effective article marketing strategy. Here are 3 very important steps that you need to take into consideration when creating your article marketing strategy:

Creating an Effective Article:

Creating an effective article with valuable information that interests your targeted viewers is critical. Implementing proper key words in order to optimize your SEO is also extremely important toward the success of your business.

If you feel comfortable in writing your own material, then start off by taking notes on the important aspects of your business and then draft up an article. Keep tweaking until you have a final product that you believe will interest your readers.

On the other hand, if writing is something beyond your skills, hire online writers to develop the articles for you. Learning a few writing tips in order to improve your writing skills, will help you market your business better than anyone else can do for you. You will develop abilities to express to your readers the most important aspects of your business. You know the uniqueness of your business better than anyone else.

Submitting Articles to Your Targeted Market:

Once you have created an article with valuable information, it’s time to get it out to the public for eager readers to flock to. You must start submitting your article to various article directories on the internet.

To those of you who are new to article marketing, an Article Directory is quite simply; websites that bring in hundreds of articles by business owners for eager readers to get valuable information regarding various business niches.

Needless to say, these article directories are the most important places for you to submit your articles in order to generate traffic. Doing a little research online will give you the most popular directories that you will want to join up with. All you have to do is create your profile and sign up with them.

Once you have signed up, login and start listing your article or articles. That said, these sites have numerous directories, so search through them and find the directory that best suits your business niche. As these sites have hundreds of directories, you need to figure out what best meets your needs. This can be a little dauntless, but there are simpler ways to find out what to sign up for and what to bypass on. Later on we will explore the best ways as well as discuss more valuable article submission techniques.

It’s Time To Measure Your Articles Effectiveness:

Seasoned marketers will tell you that measuring the effectiveness of your articles is crucial in an effective marketing campaign. Evaluating their written articles, examining their own self assessment and the techniques they are using can decide the success or failure of their campaigns.

Notice I mentioned assessing their techniques? So often this step is overlooked by beginning marketers and this is a huge mistake! Measuring the effectiveness of your technique is critical in assuring your campaign’s growth and continued success.

A professional marketer must be able to visualize whether their campaign is bringing in targeted leads. Looking at and improving their marketing methodologies and tactics is extremely important.

Summing It Up:

These 3 steps are crucial in order to develop a great campaign and become a successful marketer. Improving your article writing, learning how to optimize SEO, link development and landing your articles on appropriate article directories are just a few of the many tasks that a successful marketer deals with on a daily basis.

As said earlier, if your writing is not up to snuff, there are excellent writers available that will help you out. Learn as much as you can regarding SEO, proper linking and good marketing techniques. This is your business and a successful business takes knowledge and hard work.

Later on we will discuss and examine various techniques to help your marketing skills improve and give you the knowledge you need to be a successful Article Marketer.

One of the most powerful tactics of traffic generation is Article Writing. Learn more by reading my free report all about Article Tactics. Don’t underestimate the power of writing articles. The more you write, the more you enjoy writing it, and the better your article will be.

Neal S. Dow House (1829) • National Historic Landmark – signage
writing article
Image by origamidon
714 Congress St, Portland, Maine USA • Neal S. Dow House, also known as Gen. Neal Dow House, is an historic house in Portland, Maine, built for noted politician and prohibitionist Neal S. Dow. He was the Prohibition Party candidate for U.S. president in 1880.

Built in 1829, the House is now home to the Maine Women’s Christian Temperance Union. – From Wikipedia.

∆ The structure, a Colonial brick home built in 1829 for Neal Dow, the “Czar of Temperance” who had countless run-ins with the local Irish community.

Neal Dow (1804-1897) was the son of a Portland Quaker family and entered his father Josiah’s tanning business, from which he realized handsome profits. He was a volunteer firefighter and elected chief engineer of the Portland Fire Department in 1839, a position he held for many years. At the age of only twenty-three Dow became a founding member of the Maine Temperance Union and his life’s work was assured. The Union argued over the issue of wine and Dow became a leader of a splinter group of the union, which advocated total abstinence. He spent many years demanding that only teetotalism and prohibition were the true tenets of temperance societies; he also tried to put through a law prohibiting the retailing of ardent spirits. Dow and his cold water army were successful in a prohibitory law put into effect in October 1846, but the law proved ineffectual as many, including merchants and lawyers, saw this as very bad for business and opposed it with all their power. – From the website of Maine Irish Heritage Trail.

WCTU members chose total abstinence from all alcohol as their life style and they adopted this definition of temperance: Temperance may be defined as: moderation in all things healthful; total abstinence from all things harmful. – Xenophon (Greek philosopher), c. 400 BCE – From the WCTU website.

The WCTU was organized by women who were concerned about the destructive power of alcohol and the problems it was causing their families and society. It elaborates that "In many towns in Ohio and New York in the fall of 1873 women concerned about the destructive power of alcohol met in churches to pray and then marched to the saloons to ask the owners to close their establishments. They then established the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union. In the belief that they needed to become organized nationally, the next summer they established the National Woman’s Christian Temperance Union. Within the first five years, the WCTU established a network of over 1,000 local units or "unions" and began publication of a journal, Our Union. – From an excellent article on WCTU history.

☞ On April 11, 1973, the National Park Service added this structure to the National Register of Historic Places (#73000236). In addition, the site was designated a National Historic Landmark on May 30, 1974.

• GeoHack: 43°39′11″N 70°16′12″W.

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August 30

Try To Acquire Excellent Language Skills for English Article Writing


Online world is largely dominated by English language and as it is recognized and acknowledged fact that it is the only language of communication across the world therefore, majority of online readers rely upon this mean and can easily get connected to the world. English article writing is the easiest way to disseminate information and this technique is using frequently for various purposes like for advertisement and promotion. But during online searching, you would have experienced that some times, you come across very poorly written articles full of grammatical errors which in spite of establishing an impressive and persuading impact, create a very bad impression over the reader and he quickly leaves the page.

Writing in a native language is not difficult for a person but good writing is the outcome of language proficiency as well as writing expertise, the combination of both can make a person able to write the best and perfect literary work which would be surly free of any language error. It is not a hard and fast rule that native writers can perform better than non native writers as it is the matter of creativity plus expertise. Both qualities can not do a magic separately but their amalgamation will pave the way to a master piece. In case of non native writer, it is advisable to learn the language basic rules and complexities as it is imperative for creating a better article and also to compete with native writers. If a foreigner writer wants to convey the message through English article writing specially for online readers then he must need to improve language expertise.

For these foreigner writers, there are some guidelines through which one can be able to confront this challenge. Before writing good article, one should clearly understand what type of article he or she is intended to write whether it is a journalism article, professional article, review article or article for a blog because each of these sorts of articles have their own defined writing styles. Once you have decided the kind of an article you really want to write then try to search out similar articles on Google and observe how they have crafted and their language quality

Another common mistake that should not be committed by foreigner writers while English article writing, there are subtle tones and expressions in each language and a translation may not express the accurate connotation a writer wants to communicate. Therefore, it is better not to translate your writing but you can make your language skills accurate when you start thinking in English, brainstorming in English and writing in English. When a person learns to think in a language then nothing can hinder him to get a command over it.

Phyllis Prenatt is an award winning web content writer is the leading expert in writing content for websites aimed at professionals and generation-y audience alike and much more. She has written content for various niches and industries and is an expert in seo article writing service for the web. She has served in the web content industry for over a decade and has recently joined Cyber Writers as Editor-in-Chief.

Battery Steele (1942) – new graffiti (2014) :: hold.hands
writing article
Image by origamidon
Florida Av, Peaks Island in Casco Bay, Portland, Maine USA • Walls wait for no one. This astonishing facility is a daily-changing gallery of expressive graffiti.

Battery Steele (1942), also known as U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Battery Construction # 102, a United States military fortification, completed in 1942 as part of World War II, it is located on 14 acres (5.7 ha) on the oceanside area of the island. It is named for Harry Lee Steele, who was a coastal artillery officer during World War I. It was built to protect Casco Bay, particularly Portland harbor, from Kennebunk to Popham Beach in Phippsburg. – from Wikipedia. ~ It’s now one of thirteen island parcels owned and managed by the Peaks Island Land Preserve

Portland and the other harbors of southern Maine were terribly important ports. Civil War forts still dotted the islands around these harbors, but Portland now needed far more advanced fortifications to protect it from German attack.

So Peaks Island became home to over eight hundred soldiers. Concrete bunkers and observation posts are everywhere. On the far side of the Island are two huge abandoned gun turrets separated by several hundred feet of underground tunnel. Each held a monster 16-inch naval gun. The guns were test-fired only once. Their blasts broke windows all over the island and the recoil, transmitted through rock, caused small earthquakes. After the war, an Islander ran into a German U-boat captain who said he’d spent the war looking at Peaks Island — through a periscope. … Invasive bittersweet vines, once planted as camouflage, now grow over that history. – From a report of a visit to the Island by John H. Lienhard.

☞ On October 20, 2005, the National Park Service added this structure and site to the National Register of Historic Places (#05001176).

• GeoHack: 43°39′32″N 70°10′50″W.


In this 4 simple steps article writing example you will find out how you can tap into this powerful free marketing strategy. Many marketers are avoiding this way of marketing because they say it is too time consuming, they are not good writers, they don’t know what to write about and so on. Million excuses just not to roll up the sleeves and get it done.

Unfortunately they don’t realize that creating articles and spreading them all over the internet it’s like building their own real estate that will stay on the web forever.

I will show you a simple article writing example that anyone can follow, to write effective, readable article in less than 20 minutes. Let’s be realistic. The first few articles you will write will take you longer but I can guarantee you that the more you write and use this article writing example the faster and more efficient you will become.
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August 21

SEO Reseller Services Opportunity

SEO-Reseller-Services-OpportunityCanada’s is one of the largest web design, hosting and SEO companies choose us to perform SEO for their clients. Why? We have the skills, exceptional client results & team to manage 1000’s of projects at one time. Plus we completely re-brand our service to the company reselling our packages.

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SEO Services to all levels of businesses
Exceptional service to our SEO partners is our priority. We provide SEO to all levels of businesses ( from multi-nationals to SME’s, and with our “hands on service” you and your clients are guaranteed outstanding results. Unlike most other companies offering SEO reseller services, we actually rank websites on page 1 of Google, Yahoo & Bing.

We Start Today
We start work on your clients site immediately after you hire us.

Comprehensive Reporting
Comprehensive reporting is sent from day 1. Then after that, we send comprehensive reports every 30 days, allowing you and your client to view campaign progress. Sample reporting is available upon request.

White Label Service
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Guaranteed Page 1 Results
Unlike other companies offering SEO reseller services, we actually guarantee your clients page 1 positions on Google. No smokes or mirrors, only accountable results!

Choose an SEO partner with proven page 1 results on Google, Yahoo & Bing. No matter the size of the client, we will deliver exceptional service and accountable results.


August 6

If You Want To Acquire Cheap Article Writing Services……..


Although, these promotional means can be used by online businesses but their nature must be changed and shifted to online domain with different appearance and pursuance. For online marketing of your business, an article written specifically about your service and product is a feasible way to disseminate information across online world, when this article submits on any article directory; it would be proved as a great source of back link building. For getting the task done, cheap article writing service can solve your marketing queries and bring positive results to your newly launched business.

Impressively written articles can dramatically increase the readership and visibility of your service because enough back links and high ranking on search engines can conveniently compel people to call and ask about your service nature, details and offers. In the opening phase, when you are working for your business enlargement and saving your finances then cheap article writing services can solve your various problems. You cannot compromise on marketing issue because your survival is totally dependent on this matter but at very initial stage, you cannot allocate a big amount for this purpose. Therefore, it would be better to find an affordable writing service. Various service providers are always ready to provide cheap writing services twenty-four hours of a day.

If you have taken the decision to take the services of a cheap article writing service then you have to take care of some important matters. You are striving to find new clients through article writing and submission method, you are a newly established corporate, you have limited finances and in search of low cost article writing company but in spite of all these facts, your first priority must be high quality marketing stuff that can be attainable through a cautious approach. Before concluding a deal with any article writing firm always ask their previous or sample work, this thing will provide you an idea about their work quality. One thing you must be remembered is price is not the only deciding factor so, during selection process you should take care of every possible aspect because your basic motive of hiring these services is to have excellent elaboration of your expertise that stun readers and you should not forget this essential rule.

Outsourcing is a new phenomenon to deal and flourish online businesses. Article writing is not everyone’s cup of tea; it really needs some special expertise and techniques especially for SEO purpose. Hiring an affordable but professional article writing service would be a viable and financially sound option for fresh businesses that are in a process of development. Your online presence can be converted into prominence if you become able to find an expert writing organization that go with your needs as well as finances. No matter what your growing business nature is, these services can uninterruptedly supply quality marketing stuff according to your financial limits.

Phyllis Prenatt is an award winning web content writer is the leading expert in writing content for websites aimed at professionals and generation-y audience alike and much more. She has written content for various niches and industries and is an expert in article writing services for the web. She has served in the web content industry for over a decade and has recently joined Cyber Writers as Editor-in-Chief.

Page 66 – Orchid specimen, article on Dr. Chapin’s mission
writing article
Image by Smithsonian Institution
Creator: Edward A. Chapin

Local number: SIA2011-0414

Summary: Journal of Field Explorations by Edward A. Chapin for the Smithsonian Institution – Volume 2.

Dates: March 1942

Collection: Acc 11-085, Edward Albert Chapin Field Notebooks, 1937-1947; Box 1, Field Notebook, Colombia.

Repository: Smithsonian Institution Archives

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View more collections from the Smithsonian Institution.