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Access Top-Notch Resources for Making Article Writing Easier


Did you wake up today and think, “There has to be a better way to write articles”? As an affiliate marketer selling, not writing may be your thing. You love promoting and talking up your products. You enjoy writing a few sentences on social forums. You may enjoy writing your own small ads.

However, those articles that make up a successful article campaign are another thing. You may find it very difficult to sit down and write longer pieces. You can’t seem to find the best method for producing quality content efficiently. Look no more, because help is readily at hand for you.

This help is through an online educational portal that a good article distribution service offers. Think of it as a service’s online college or university. They are providing you their version of article writing and article marketing classes. It serves you well to take advantage of these classes.

Think of it, an article marketing service knows articles and the marketing of them, inside out. It’s what they do. The best services do it all the time and continually refine their methods. The expertise and knowledge they present exists to help you write and market better.

This helps you build a viable long-term online business. That means greater affiliate or other income for you. Your professionally written and presented articles garner you quality backlinks. This pre-sold traffic is crucial to building the revenue streams you require.

Just what does a good article distribution service offer in terms of writing education? How do they present this information to make your learning experience fruitful? An article marketing service’s education page offers courses on the process of writing. They present this education in up-to-date formats that address users’ varied needs. This would be digital and print needs as well as mobility needs.

Concerning writing education the best services present quality content on what article marketing is all about. You need to know what this marketing tool can do for you. You also need to know how a service utilizes the articles you write. When you know, you write with purpose, knowing the article distribution process works to build your business.

Writing education from a service’s online “university” also teaches how to write faster. In addition, they teach how to implement article writing best practices. These are writing according to the tone, format, and content requirements of reputable online publishers.

An article marketing service has you back in school, tackling all that quality writing entails. They know it’s crucial to yours and theirs success. The Web abounds with mediocre content. The popular online and offline publishers’ are demanding better content.

Your reputation and that of an article service and attendant niche publishers depends on top-notch content. That’s why it’s important to access top-notch resources for making article writing easier. A good article distribution service offers this freely and plentifully.

How they offer courses today is what makes learning so much easier than in the past. Courses and seminars receive distribution to interested users in varied ways. These are typically via podcasts, audio on demand seminars, and through articles and EBooks.

You can learn the article writing discipline in a way that suits your mood and schedule. Not in the mood to watch anything, lie back and let an audio class infiltrate your mind. You may want to watch a top expert in the article-marketing field give a live teleseminar. Maybe you want to print up a good article on writing headlines. You can print that from an article marketing services education page, sit back, and read.

That’s the value of using the online college or university section of an article marketing service’s site. The best services provide this free and constantly update their content. They know users must remain current on the latest in article writing and article marketing. A successful article campaign depends on putting into practice the latest education concerning this marketing discipline.

With everyone mobile these days, look for an article distribution service that allows for downloading. Downloading article-writing seminars to your mobile device means you can learn on the go. In addition, look for the ability to download feeds to your homepage. The digital arena certainly takes learning writing out of bricks and mortar classrooms.

Make the decision today to go to college or university to learn article writing. You don’t have to be far from your favorite chair and coffee cup to do so. Online learning is a breeze with a good article distribution service working for you. You attend school free, and have the freedom to learn when you want. You then write those longer pieces that build your online business.

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Image from page 54 of “The dictionary of needlework : an encyclopaedia of artistic, plain, and fancy needlework dealing fully with the details of all the stitches employed, the method of working, the materials used, the meaning of technical terms, and, wh
writing article
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: dictionaryofnee05caul
Title: The dictionary of needlework : an encyclopaedia of artistic, plain, and fancy needlework dealing fully with the details of all the stitches employed, the method of working, the materials used, the meaning of technical terms, and, where necessary, tracing the origin and history of the various works described
Year: 1882 (1880s)
Authors: Caulfeild, S. F. A. (Sophia Frances Anne), 1824-1911 Saward, Blanche C
Subjects: Needlework
Publisher: London : A.W. Cowan
Contributing Library: Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute Library

View Book Page: Book Viewer
About This Book: Catalog Entry
View All Images: All Images From Book

Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book.

Text Appearing Before Image:
rings with the wool thus: Cut theskeins of wool, thread a wool needle, and Buttonholeover a curtain ring with the wool until it is quite covered,and a wool ring formed. Prepare a number of curtainrings in this way; make them of the shades of wool, sothat each shade will make a circle of rings; but as thecircle will enlarge towards the outside, there must be morerings covered with the colours selected for the outsideshades than for those that form the centre. Sew the ringstogether with silks for a mat. Commence with one ring,round this sew six rings, which sew to the centre ring andeach other, and round the second circle sew twelve ringsfor a third circle, and eighteen rings for a fourth circle.For a basket: Make the base as for a mat, and for thesides turn the first row of rings so that they stand upright 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 44444 4 4. 4. 444 ww»wwarpn»***mrr*-*r. r–r •+*■-•»■•- *nr?npTf»r*»riiMUiifnii iiwi>nrvHivirnni»wuinwii « =8444444 riniiiiiinmniinniniiiimniifmirni

Text Appearing After Image:
Fig. 705. RICHELIEU GUIPURE. carry this down to form the first and bottom row of thenext diamond, and make a number of connected diamondsin this manner for the length required. Sew the bottompoints of the diamonds on to tape, and fill in betweenthem with Point de Bruxelles, worked coarsely withthe crochet cotton. Ridge.—A term employed to denote a raised line, likethat produced by Gathers when drawn together by meansof a drawing thread. Also, the furrow produced by Over-sewing selvedges, or seams in linen or calico. It is likewisedemonstrated in a certain style of knitting, and weaving,by which the article is rendered very elastic; and by theraised nap on corduroy, which is produced in parallel linesacross the cloth. See also Knitting. Ring Work.—An easy work used for forming matsand baskets, and made with small brass curtain rings,single Berlin wools, and beads. To work: Select five or upon the last circle of the base, and do not increase in thatrow, but increase in all the succe

Note About Images
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

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March 22

How to Write Amazing Article Introductions


It doesn’t really matter what you are writing about in your article; what really matters is that your writing displays confidence, gets the reader’s attention,keeps that attention, and gets them to act. Don’t be confused by that last sentence getting them to act. If they read your entire article, that is action, and it won’t be long before they are reading more articles written by you. More articles equal more traffic to your website.

Anyone can write fairly decently, and even be considered a good writer, if he or she takes the time to learn a few basic rules about writing and grammar.
I know, you thought you were done with writing and grammar when you left high school, but you have decided to write articles to drive traffic to your website, so, you must be prepared to do the work and learn how to write better. This time around, I promise, it will be different, and you will learn because there is more at stake for you, now!

Let’s get started with some basics about writing article introductions.

Every article needs an INTRODUCTION or a statement that catches the reader’s attention. It also lets the reader know of what you plan on discussing in your article. Within that introduction, preferably, the last sentence of that introduction would be your Thesis statement or the MAIN IDEA of your entire article
Here are some examples of thesis statements:

Opinion and Fact thesis: Dracula was one of the better films of the summer because of its setting, action, and philosophy.

Consequence thesis: Social ostracism, great expense, and personal hardship are three of the unfortunate results of the most dangerous disease of the century- AIDS.

Autobiographical thesis: From my personal experience, I know that poor preparation, alcohol consumption, and insect infestation can cause most family picnics to fail.

Let’s put those two basic concepts together, and examine a not so good intro, and a decent introduction.
Are you a networker who is doing everything but not succeeding much? Do you want to do better, if so then read the rest of this article cause I’m doing good and you can too?

Kind of boring, right? Did you catch the nisus of the word good. When this author said “I’m doing good” he misused the adjective good, and should have used the adverb well to describe his actions, but I will leave that for more advanced articles. This introduction has the potential to grab the reader’s attention, but it is written rather blandly, and it wouldn’t get me to continue reading, much less bookmark the author.

Network marketing dies a slow viral death. Today, the last person left to be sponsored just joined a network marketing organization and the market instantly ceased to exist. Many millionaires are now bankrupt, and must go back to work.

This article introduction would surely get me to continue reading further, especially since I have been around marketing since the early nineties, and it is a recurring dream I have, and I am the last guy who didn’t sponsor anyone!

You decide which introduction would get you to keep reading, if it is article one, then I don’t know if I can help you; however, if it is article two, then you have some sense of attraction marketing.

I mentioned thesis statements earlier but that was just to inform you of what is included in the introduction. For the purpose of this article, I want to show you how to grab the reader’s attention, and what to avoid while writing your introduction.

How to: Avoid mistakes in your INTRODUCTION:
1. AVOID a purpose statement, such as “The purpose of this….” “Now I shall prove”. SHOW! Don’t TELL.
2. AVOID repetition of the title or text
3. AVOID complex or difficult questions that may puzzle your reader.
4. AVOID simple definitions- EXPLAIN.
5. AVOID Artwork or Cute lettering.

Let’s review. Grabbing the reader’s attention is key for any author who wants to be considered a good author. It doesn’t matter if you are writing to drive traffic to your website, or trying to gain entry into a position at a newspaper. GRABBING the reader’s attention is a MUST. Now that you have a basic understanding of the most important aspect of article writing, the introduction, you can begin crafting articles that compel readers into reading further, propel them forward within your article, and with a few more lessons, leave them begging for more.

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Kearney Zzyzwics
writing article
Image by Ian Sane
With The Simpson’s creator, Matt Groening, finally coming clean about the origin of the real Springfield I thought I would throw out a few facts about the longest running sitcom and animation. While Mr. Groening has been known for including his family in his projects: his father’s name is Homer, his younger sisters’ names are Lisa and Maggie, and his Grandfathers name is Abram; he has featured various places from his hometown of Portland, also.

If you’re a fan of the Simpsons then I don’t need to explain which characters share the names of these Portland streets.

For more information about the town of Springfield click here ——->

More Simpson’s Trivia:

1). Bart is an anagram for “brat”.
2). Barney Gumble is Barney Rubble from The Flintstones.
3). The Springfield Gorge was inspired by the Columbia River Gorge.
4). Krusty the Clown is loosely based on Rusty Nails, a popular Portland TV kiddie clown in the 1960s. Rusty (whose real name is James Allen) is sincere and loving, a devout Christian who shared Bible stories with children. Krusty is a lusty hedonist and fallen Jew. As a boy, Groening once watched Rusty’s show from the studio audience.

I actually met Rusty Nails and his wife about four years ago. He gave me his business card which I still have.

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March 20

Key Tips For Blog Writing


Helpful tips for writing your blog.

When it comes to writing a business blog, copywriters know that it is more than just a few paragraphs of copy. Writing a blog should be a core party of your marketing communications and writing engaging copy is vital.

Professional copywriter, Leigh Cooke Southampton, says “writing blogs for business has a huge array benefits for your website and company”. Blog writing gives you an opportunity to get creative with your copy, boost your SEO and connect with your customers.

Things to consider when starting a blog:

Create a blog calendar

Commit to writing the business blog

Your business blog tone

Blog topics

Becoming a blog writer takes a bit of time to get your groove. Blog writers are responsible for keeping the copy alive with passion and professionalism with a healthy dose of creativity, careful thought and accuracy.

In today’s hectic business world, many find it difficult to put aside the time a business blog needs. Using a freelance writer offers expertise for your blog, website copy, article writing and more. Freelance copywriters bring in the skills without the overheads, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Professional content writers are experts in creating persuasive, engaging and easily-readable website copy. Expert blog writer, Leigh Cooke Southampton says “original, topical and conversational content with SEO writing is the key to successful blogs”.

Benefits of writing a blog

A blog writer will boost your website SEO ranking, gain regular blog readers and enhance business credibility. High quality, structured blog writing can really help your company achieve its goals. Business blogs give your customers additional information about your company, products and services, offering further information that is useful to them.

Writing blogs

Whether you’re thinking about starting a blog, or need a bit of structure or inspiration, here are a few hints and tips on writing blogs for business.

Are you a budding blog writer?

Get a blog plan together

Great blog writing

Targeting your audience

Getting on your readers level

SEO writing and blogs

How long should a blog be?

Engaging your audience

Blog organisation

Who should write a blog?

Anyone with a passion for your products, services and writing! Writing blogs should be a natural and fun aspect of work. Blog writers express, share, invite, inspire and promote the company’s products and services. Invite a range of blog writers on board to write blog posts give your blog diversity and alternative voices.

Planning your business blog

Successful blogs need a plan with a degree of flexibility. Define your blog goals and how you’ll measure its success. A defined blog calendar will keep your blog posts focused and regular. Customers enjoy consistency and regularity; therefore ensure your content writer meets your blog calendar deadlines. Hiring a freelance writer can assist you in your blog writing, SEO writing, website copy and article writing.

What should a blog be about?

After writing a few blogs about your business, you may run in to that little thing we call ‘blog writer block’. Unfortunately, many business blogs start slip at this point, reflecting a lack of commitment and professionalism.

We all know blog content has to be fresh, topical and interesting for readers to keep coming back. Here are a few things to keep in mind when blogging for business:

Hints and tips


How-to blogs

Trends in industry

Special news


Special offers

Beware blog writers!

Special offers and promotional messages should be kept to a minimum. Save this exciting information for snazzy press releases. Avoid discussions religion, politics and downplaying competitors.

Who are your readers?

As a blog writer, you need to get in to your audience’s head – find out what makes them tick. Business people are generally content driven, looking for solutions and need information quickly. Consumers have more time to peruse your content, and may require more information. Think about your reader’s needs and what they are searching for on the internet.

Professional freelance writer, Leigh Cooke Southampton, says “writing a blog requires a high level of SEO writing, using keywords throughout your blog content.”

What tone of voice should a blog be?

Blog writers have a high level of freedom in creating content. Everyone is human, so a friendly and conversational tone is a sure fire way to keep them coming back.

Blog writing tip:

Freelance writer, Leigh Cooke Southampton suggests creating a reader profile for your blog: What are their interests? What are they looking for? What sort of questions are they asking? What are the solutions you can provide?

Key words for search engine optimisation

Blog writers play a big part in the website SEO rankings. All blogs need to be unique, regular and useful to achieve greater SEO. Using keywords and phrases your audience is likely to search for on Google, Yahoo and Bing increase the hits on your website. Copywriter Leigh Cooke Southampton advises keeping it light on jargon and clichés.

Professional writing

Personal blogs with spelling and grammatical errors is irritating enough. Do you cringe when you see ‘status updates’ with errors? Well, business blogs with errors will lose business any credibility and authority you have. Keep on top of the basics. Ensure your spelling and grammar is perfect throughout.

Blog writing tip:

Copywriter, Leigh Cooke Southampton says “printing out your blog will highlight any mistakes you miss on screen”. Alternatively, grab another pair of eyes to review your copy.

Blog organisation

People’s attention span online is short. Very short! Therefore, blog writers should make their copy easy to scan. Subheads, bullet points, links and images help organise your blog and make it easy on the eye. If your subheads pique interest, readers will want to delve deeper in to your blog.

The blog title is an important part of your blog – it needs to be succinct, informative and engaging. Clever blog archiving allows older blogs to be easily accessed by readers who have just discovered your fantastic blog, and want to read more!

How often should a blog be written?

Regular blogs are a great way to keep your website copy fresh. A blog-a-day will certainly keep the search engines happy. Successful business blogs will add three or more blogs a week, with additional topical blogs. Lots of short, regular blog posts are much better than long and infrequent blogs.

How long should a blog be?

People read blogs for all sorts of reasons – entertainment, advice, information and inspiration. Blogs should be short and punchy. Blogs should be long enough to provide enough information and keep them coming back for more. Blogs with a word length of 250 – 300 is ideal, any longer creates an article! Article writing provides in-depth information on a particular subject – great for SEO and business credibility.

Blog conversations Blog writers and customers can engage in conversation via the business blog. As a blog writer, you are able to present your ideas while gaining insight in to your audience’s needs. Many blog platforms allow you to moderate the comments, allowing you to filter unwanted spam.

Creative business blogs

It’s a well known fact websites benefit from regular, fresh and useful content. A blog writer is the friendly voice of the company customers will enjoy getting to know.

Blog writers provide constantly fresh website copy. This guide to writing blogs gives you an idea of what needs to be considered in a business blog.

Many business people hire professional freelance writers to write the blog. Content writers are experts in SEO writing, article writing, blog writing and website content – all focused on generating greater SEO rankings, readership and customer retention. This in turn positively affects your business and ROI.

Freelance blog writers combine creativity, expert writing skills and SEO techniques to make your business blog shine.

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Look To Your Right
writing article
Image by outtacontext
This poster is a response to a recent article by Thomas Sowel, which suggested that American democracy is being dismantled by the Obama administration. He compared the President to Hitler and Lenin who cultivated "useful idiots" (citizens who normally are not politically engaged) to support their radical aims. Sarah Palin asked her followers to read this article and the sentiments finally made their way to a billboard in Mason City, Iowa. Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank wrote an opinion piece about it in the July 18th edition of the paper.

Take a look at the Chamomile Tea Party’s other posters. Digital high res downloads are free here. Other options are available.

The more articles you write, the larger impact your article marketing campaign will have on your business. Watch this video to discover how to enter “The Zone” so you can accomplish more in less time.
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March 11

First Steps to Article Writing


Do you know that Article writing and marketing is one of the most powerful ways to promote your product & services, as well as gather targeted leads online?

Article writing is a short story that gives a sneak peek to the kind of services and products you are providing. You use articles to attract readers to your webpage.

Article writing on the internet should be more summarized and to the point tips without much examples and elaborations compared to off line publications.

Here are some tips for you to use if you want to get started on Article Writing.

You should have some knowledge about the topic you are going to write. It is easy to get your articles read and soon you will be viewed as an expert in that field.

When you write articles, you should try to keep them short by using words effectively. Summarize your points and give them the orange without the skin. Internet readers are known to skim through articles, so it will not work if you have a very long and wordy article.

You need to understand the ins and outs of search engine optimization and do your keyword research. This will help you get your articles read by more people, enabling you to reach your goal faster.

These few pointers serves as a reminder to certain things if you want to engage in article marketing for the internet. If you want to enjoy success on the internet you need to constantly create articles to increase your exposure.

Article Traffic School is an online training site that specializes in coachingInternet Marketers on generating traffic through Article Marketing. To start to increase traffic and exposure on the internet through Article Marketing, visit Article Traffic School

DFW – Down for Whatevs on Fraenkel gallery sticker
writing article
Image by Steve Rhodes
Safety First on a Fraenkel gallery sticker.

earlier someone got a lot of SFMOMA stickers

Also YBCA…

Whether you’re revising for exams, or just looking for a quick revision guide, this useful video will help you achieve the perfect mark newspaper article. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe and then keep revising: register for HUNDREDS of FREE videos covering English, Maths and Science for GCSE and A-Level revision at
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March 8

Spread the Word with Article Marketing


Article marketing is advertising by writing short articles on specific areas that you wish to promote in your industry. Some content based articles are even released free to help attract clients and build credibility. Article marketing became popular with the advent of mass printing making article production affordable and easy to produce.

The rise of the internet and online world has promoted a huge expansion of article marketing. Today there are sites and directories devoted to publishing article for marketing purposes. These sites may contain information on a general scale or sites can be found for very special and specific interests. As long as you follow the sites’ guidelines and format then you can post an article.

Article marketing does not take much time and if you find yourself too busy there is a large freelance workforce that specializes in article market writing. Article marketing can help you establish credentials as an expert, improve your search engine ranking, create more lead generations and increase traffic to your website.

Articles for marketing all follow a basic outline of title, body, resource box and brief summary. Specific article databases may have certain guidelines and formats that you need to follow. It is worth while to check this out before you join a site. The title is the most important part of your article and needs to grab the reader’s attention so that they actually read your article. The best types of article are focused, easy to understand and most important helpful to the reader.

When writing the body or your article you need to put the most important information towards the beginning. That way if the reader doesn’t read the entire article they will have received the most important information. You should keep your paragraphs and sentences short and use subheadings if appropriate. It has been found that the most popular articles contain between 400 to 600 words.

Your contact information, product information and further links should be founding the resource box. It is also important to include a few brief sentences about your product or service. You want to try and get your reader to visit your site, buy the product or use your services so you need to have up to date contact information that is clearly displayed.

You will also need to produce a short summary of your article. Think of this as like writing an abstract for lab reports when you were in school. Like the title the summary you grab the readers attention and make them want to read your entire article. It should be between two and five sentences long and clearly display what your article is offering or detailing.

You are now ready to submit your article to an article directory. There are large article directories that cater to every industry and others that are more specific. You don’t need a lot of marketing or computer knowledge to be a successful article marketer. By spending a little bit of time each day writing and posting articles you can successfully provide information and promote your services.

Check out this Inexpensive Article Writing Service that has a cheapest rate of only of .0096/word to kick start your Internet Business. Services include Article Writing, UAW Article Marketing, Article Marketer Writing + Submission and many more…

Image from page 6 of “Hardware merchandising (August-December 1907)” (1907)
writing article
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: hardmerchaugdec1907toro
Title: Hardware merchandising (August-December 1907)
Year: 1907 (1900s)
Subjects: Hardware industry Hardware Implements, utensils, etc Building
Publisher: Toronto :
Contributing Library: Fisher – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: Algoma University, Trent University, Lakehead University, Laurentian University, Nipissing University, Ryerson University and University of Toronto Libraries

View Book Page: Book Viewer
About This Book: Catalog Entry
View All Images: All Images From Book

Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book.

Text Appearing Before Image:
ent Open Socket Peaveys.Pinks Patent Open 8ooket Cant Dogs.Pinks Patent Clasp Cant Dogs, all Handledwith Split Rook Maple. These are light and durable toele. Sold throughout the Dominionby all Wholesale and Retail Hardware Merchants MANUFACTURED BT Long- DiatanoePhone No. S7 THOMAS PINKPembroke, Ont, Canada. Pig Iron Spot and forward deliveryWrite for Prices M. & L Samuel, Benjamin & Co TORONTO HARDWARE AND METAL ■j ■ No Woman Should Do Work a Machine Can Do ■ THE BUCKEYE Power Washing Machines Save Womens Lives An Article EveryDealer Should HaveIn His Store The Buckeye Motor is the only motor constructedon scientific principles—thesame as a steam engine—onlyone valve in its entire con-struction, and that is on theoutside of cylinder, and isoperated the same as anengine valve. THE CYLINDER HASNO VALVES INSIDE, NO-THING BUT A PLAINPISTON HEAD. All parts of the BuckeyeMotor are made of brass toprevent rusting. Our motorwill operate on any pressurefrom 18 pounds to 250.

Text Appearing After Image:
The motor does not extend over edge of thetub, being only eleven inches over all, and isabsolutely POSITIVE in Its action. Our tubs are of standard make, large lid, beingextensions for wringer attachment which will admitof the opening of lid clear of any wringer on themarket.

Note About Images
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.