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Make Piles Of Cash Writing Articles


Were you aware that you can make a whole lot of money writing on the Internet? You can make money online but there is a way to do it. For you to make money online you have to know how to do it. You have to also do the right things and carry out the right methods. There are a lot of people who really want to make money online but they are just not sure how to do it. You could be one of those people. If you are one of those people, this is the time that you should start getting things moving and start making that money. Why are you waiting around?

I am sorry if I sound a little bit rude here, but what is stopping you from making money online? What is stopping you from getting what you want out of life? Why have you found is so difficult to make money online? A lot of people try to do something and they give up because they don’t see instant results. Well I am going to let you know that you won’t get instant results. I am not going to tell you that you are going to make millions in a couple of days, because this is not the case. I am going to tell you this, you can make money, and you will make millions. But, you can only make those millions if you are focused. Focus is very important.

Making money online is as simple as writing articles. It is as simple as having one computer and a working Internet connection. Yes it really is that simple. You can start to change your life with one simple strategy. If you implement this strategy and do it over and over again. There is no limit to the amount of money you can make.

How is it possible for you to make money online writing article pieces? You can really make a lot of money writing articles again and again. You have to keep on writing though. Were you aware that making money was going to be as easy as this? Were you aware that turning your life around was going to be as easy as this? Now you are aware of this you can start making money and stop moaning that you are broke.

I was broke at one point, in fact I was down and out. I had nothing and now I am the complete opposite. I am not going to say that I have everything because I don’t. I am getting there, and this one proven strategy is what will change your life forever. So start changing your life today.

Learn the secret of Making money writing articles Find out how you can change your life and as a Freelance writer

Image from page 246 of “The Tiger (student newspaper), Sept. 1918-June 1919” (1918)
writing article
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: tigerstudentnews21colo
Title: The Tiger (student newspaper), Sept. 1918-June 1919
Year: 1918 (1910s)
Authors: Colorado College
Subjects: Colorado College Student publications Colorado College student newspaper College newspapers and periodicals
Publisher: Colorado College
Contributing Library: Colorado College, Tutt Library
Digitizing Sponsor: LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation

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Text Appearing Before Image:
THE J. C. JARRETT MOTORCOMPANY Scripps-Booth and HaynesDistributors „.„.„x«:-::-m-k-:» TIGERS: WHEN YOU COME TO DENVER MAKE THE St lames fiotel YOUR HEADQUARTERS IN THE CENTRE OF EVERYTHING 1500 Curtis Street Denver, Colo. The Only Drug Store Giving Its Best Floor Space to PRESCRIPTIONS Special Agents for Kodaks Toilet Goods, Drug Sundries The MONROE DRUG CO. J. B. TAYLORPhone Main 258 and 386 120 N. Tejon St. I ft THE COLORADO COLLEGE TIGER, TUESDAY, JUNE 3, 1919

Text Appearing After Image:
Section 2. All male students in col- ulty; shall sign eacli certificate ofleges in the United Slates, shall be cli-! membership. At least a majority shallgible to membership; membership ]conduct all trials. The committeeshall consist of two grades—hill mem- shall make an annual report to thebership and junior membership. ! faculty shortly before the close of the Section 3. Candidates for mem- academic year, and shall make asbership shall have complied with (he | many other reports as may be calledconditions set forth in Article 9 (full i f°r W ,nc faculty. The committeegrade) or Article 10 (junior grade), snR rePorl Promptly < the Nationald been approved as provided in K^P pMhe Rolls the name and dateArticle 7, Sections 2 and 3 I °f admission of every new member Section 4. No student shall be ad- |admilted lo fl1 tending,milted lo membership who is found by I Article 8. Fees. the faculty to be delinquent in schol- . Section I. The initiation fee ofarship. 11! membership shall n

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Writing Articles The Wrong Way Gets Best Results


Does that title sound confusing? Well, I can understand that, but once you finish reading you’ll see that writing articles the wrong way round will speed up your writing and get you much better articles.

Writing an article seems like a daunting task, and if you do it for the first time you might feel like standing in front of an unsurmountable sleek wall that does not provide footholds to climb up and over it to reach your goal. But it’s quite easy, if you approach article writing in a systematic, step by step way. Let’s look at these steps and find out how you can write an article in a few minutes, once you have mastered this 6 step system:

The Six Step System For Article Writing

This is the most efficient and, in my experience, fastest way to write about any subject:

– define what your goal is for the article
– do research if necessary
– prepare an outline
– start writing any part of the article
– organize the article into headline, lead, body, conclusion
– proof read three times at least

Who Will Read The Article – What Is The Article About?

Before you start writing, you need to define what you want to communicate with your article, and what purpose the article will serve. Ask yourself these questions: Who is the reader you want to reach, what knowledge of the subject does this reader have allready? What exactly do you want the reader to know once he’s read your article?

Best use a list with keywords to jot down your ideas. Dont’ worry about organizing these keywords yet. Once you have a bunch of keywords, start putting them in a logical sequence, the way you want to organize your story. When you have decided how your article will appraoch the subject, prepare an outline how you want to pass on this knowledge and / or information. Then start giving your article a structure.

Structure means divide the article into the four sections: headline, lead or teaser, body and conclusion. Here is the secret to effective writing that will make writing your own articles fast and painless: You don’t have to write these in the order I just mentioned them! Because it can be really difficult to come up with a good headline or teaser, if you have not written the article itself. Also don’t necessarily write the article body in the sequence that it will have once it’s ready for publishing.

It is a lot easier to first start off with a few bullet points for the body of the article. Developing these bullet points into sentences and paragraphs often, all of a sudden, leads to a great headline, or you will think of the best reason why this article provides benefit to the reader. That way you let your thoughts flow freely and don’t get writers block.

The Headline

It’s allways good to start writing a first headline for your article. The headline may change as you write. But start off with the best headline that comes to mind now. Headlines should be catchy and induce curiosity in the readers mind. Best keep your headline short, seven words or less is good. Also make it strong and affirmative: “Write your Article in 10 minutes” is better than “How to Write an Article in a short time”.

The Lead or Teaser

To get the readers attention, it’s important to start off with a lead paragraph that very briefly describes what you are going to tell the reader and why. You must grab the readers attention and give him a very good reason why reading your article is worth his time.

A great way to write an article is to start the lead paragraph with a statement, then go through the explanations and information that you want to pass on and, in your conclusion, draw a line back to the initial statement you made. This neatly wraps up everything and in the mind of the reader ‘encapsulates’ the article.

A good lead is short and to the point. It doesn’t try to compact every fact you write about in the article body into two or three sentences. Just provide enough information to get the story moving, but leave the reader wanting to know more.

The Body

In the body you go into detail and cover the points that you have written down in your outline. Here you provide the hard facts, the information and the instructions. You answer the reader’s questions and you show different angles of the subject.

Organizing this information in a logical way is the most important thing. Think of the flow of the article and make sure you have a thread that leads smoothly from one point to the next. Make sure you don’t use jargon or spcific words that are only known in an industry or trade and not used by the public. If you need to use these words, explain the meaning. Put the reader at ease.

Explain your points in short paragraphs. Short paragraphs are easier for the reader to follow. No one likes to look at a long block of solid text. Three, four or five sentences are enough for one paragraph.

If you are writing to create interest for your business, spill all the beans! Tell your trade secrets! This may sound a bit wild, but the more you tell, the more demand will be created for your goods and services.

Provide personal examples of the points you make, or create a ficticious case and show how in practice such a solution would work well. Illustrating your explanations with an example makes understanding what you say a lot easier for the reader and your text gains credibility.

The Conclusion

Remember your favourite teacher at school, the one that at the end of class would quickly summarize what was covered in the last 45 minutes? That’s what you are going to do now to finish off your article and make it a finished and polished piece. Reread your lead, where you started the circular loop that you now want to bring together by writing the conclusion.

For this article the conclusion could read like this: “Writing the wrong way round and mixing body, title, tease and conclusion whilst writing does lead to faster writing and better results, because you let your thoughts flow free and avoid writers block. When you’ll be writing your next article, footholds will magically appear on that wall that earlier used to block your writing. Go and try it!”

It’s allmost allways possible to draw the circle closed, and if it does not seem to be doable with the teaser that you have, read the entire article once more and maybe change the teaser to be able to draw that circle.


The best way to destroy credibility is poor grammar and spelling. Your content may be brilliant, but if there are mistakes, people will tend to dismiss what you have to say. So use the tools that are available to spell check and have a friend, or better, a few friends proofread your article before you submit it or publish it yourself. Best leave the article for a day or two and then reread it yourself. Often you’ll come up with even better formulations and the article will gain in quality. Don’t overdo this, thouhg. Once is enough for your own rereading, then go out and publish. You’ve done a great job and spent time and effort to write, now others want to read what you have to say!

… and even though I’ve written the conclusion allready as an example, here’s it true spot, so here we go again, this time reworded just slightly:

You see, writing the wrong way round and mixing body, title, tease and conclusion whilst writing does lead to faster writing and better results. This writing style allows your thoughts to flow free, lets your creativity develop thoughts and associations. Because you avoid writers block that way, you’ll be writing your next article fast and without pain. Footholds will magically appear on that wall that earlier used to block your writing. Go and try it!

Rolf C. Zimmerli is a web developer, web consultant and editor. He has been working on the Internet since 1996. He manages a free article submission site: ZNMC Article Directory accepts well written articles for free publishing and welcomes your contributions.

Image taken from page 113 of ‘[Articles on mining and geology reprinted from periodicals.]’
writing article
Image by The British Library
Go to BL Georeferencer to view this overlaid onto a modern map.

Image taken from:

Title: "[Articles on mining and geology reprinted from periodicals.]"
Author: RICKARD, Thomas Arthur.
Shelfmark: "British Library HMNTS 07104.e.57."
Page: 113
Place of Publishing: Victoria, British Columbia
Date of Publishing: 1891
Issuance: monographic
Identifier: 003098293

Find this item in the British Library catalogue, ‘Explore’.
Open the page in the British Library’s itemViewer (page image 113)
Download the PDF for this book Image found on book scan 113 (NB not a pagenumber)Download the OCR-derived text for this volume: (plain text) or (json)

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Order a higher quality version from here.

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May 24

Article Writing Software to Accelerate You Writing Career


For veteran article writers, it is not a big deal but new comers and for emergent experts, there is an acute need to have a device or a tool that can facilitate them to produce considerable amount of articles with perfect outlook and following the defined procedure in the least possible time period. To accelerate your writing skill, article writing software is quite helpful to achieve the goal of maximum number of article within minimum time. This device will surly save your precious time and lessen the efforts you usually utilize in composing an article manually.

Article writing software is now using by most of the online marketers. This software has many programs that are used for different purposes. Some programs provide you text boxes in which you can write different components of your articles like title, introduction page, first paragraph, second paragraph, third paragraph and conclusion. After entering the desirable content into the text boxes, it would be the job of that software to compose and arrange the text and formulate it into the shape of an article. This sort of software mainly deals with the composition and organization of the text. There are other kinds of software that can help a writer to search and gather data according to the theme of the article. This kind of software can even give you subtopics so; you would have an opportunity to have more related themes if you have conceived a basic topic for your article.

Article marketers develop their prominence and reputation through producing high quality, perfect but a large number of articles and a writer solely without having any assistance cannot accomplish the task. When you can easily reach to the readers with great numbers of article, having your articles publish on various articles publishing site will create more back links to your service page. Article writing software is a viable tool to enhance the speed and quality of the marketing stuff writing and this step can reach you to the position, where you can work better for link building that will surely bring more traffic and high search engine ranking. This technical strategy is also very much beneficial for those marketers who don’t have enough investment and finances to hire more content writers for their writing service.

Article writing software is an economical way out to have informative, perfect and high quality stuff for a website. Article writers are however quite expert to deal with even exceptional kind of topics but sometimes they come across a difficult situation and get topics that look so complex or themes they hardly know anything about that .With the assistance of this software they can effortlessly cope with this problematic situation. They help a writer to get sufficient and relevant information stuff that can be highly helpful to design an article on a topic writer is not familiar with. It is also much advantageous and allows a marketer to write technical stuff with errorless language. However, one has to understand that this software are only helping devices and cannot generate an idea so, human effort cannot be completely omitted in this specific scenario.

Phyllis Prenatt is an award winning web content writer is the leading expert in writing content for websites aimed at professionals and generation-y audience alike and much more. She has written content for various niches and industries and is an expert in seo article writing for the web. She has served in the web content industry for over a decade and has recently joined Cyber Writers as Editor-in-Chief.

Constellation XV
writing article
Image by Pretty/Ugly Design
Some lettering for a CBC Music article about the 15th anniversary of Montreal’s Constellation Records.

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May 21

Article Writing Tips And Notes


We all know that article writing is one of the most successful and reliable marketing tools available to us today, for internet marketing. The fact that we can generate a large number of back links to our websites as well as generate an amount of traffic for a relatively low, if not zero, fee makes this marketing exercise well worth the effort. However as an article writing expert or even a newcomer, you have to be aware of certain issues in terms of the layout, structure and use of punctuation when writing. This is necessary from both an aesthetic point for the reader, as well as from the article directory editor, who in turn will ultimately approve or decline your article.

The best article writing tips that are available today are usually published in the article directories, and normally by the editors themselves. This is a great source as these people work with the articles on a daily basis, as well as the fact that they actually see the stats on each and every article and can therefore see what works and what does not, therefore when they start sharing their article writing tips it is normally a good idea to listen.

Paragraph structure article writing tips include the fact that the paragraphs should be kept within reason and fairly short, as when the paragraphs are too long, you run the risk of losing the attention of the reader. And let’s face it there is so much information on the internet, every reader that we encounter needs to be kept interested, so that they make it to our resource box, to click through to the website being marketed.

The directories normally also provide a type of e course with respect to article writing tips, so it will be well worth the effort to have a look around the directories and see what you can learn from these experienced individuals. There is absolutely no need to try and reinvent the wheel here, rather learn from the experience of others and you can fast track yourself to article writing success.

Also remember one of the most valuable writing tips is that you want to stay away from making your article sound like an advertising brochure, because you seriously run the risk of you article being rejected by the directories, and if you have done several articles or put in a couple of hours of work, you will most definitely be upset with such a result.

You should continue to fine tune your skills with any article writing tips that you can find, these tips will help you progress to the next level of article writing, which will benefit both your marketing efforts as well as your skills in general in getting more interested readers to your website, as well as your services of article writing, if that is what you do.

Article writing is one aspect of the marketing process, Copywriting can also help your advertising copy. TalkinMince has great writing tips and advice at

Cobalt-Frontenac Mining Co. 1924
writing article
Image by CDHS
Re: dubious nature of selling Ore Chimney Mine shares. See next slide for article in Toronto Financial Post 1924.

Learn how to write an article for the FCE Writing Paper. For more tips & advice on the FCE Writing Paper:

May 20

When Building A Website You Need To Hire A SEO Article Writing Company


SEO article writing is search engine optimized articles that are written for web sites and articles to drive visitors to your website from search engines. A SEO article writing company will write search engine optimization articles for your niche and will provide you with search engine optimized content to put on your website so that you get better traffic from search engines. They will provide you with top notch keywords for your website and articles and will include them in the website content and the search engine optimization articles so that the search engine spiders will pick up on them and rank you higher for those keywords.

It is vital to pick a SEO article writing service that will do the proper research for the best keywords to fit your website. You want to pick out keywords that gets a good search volume but not to many people competing for them. This part of SEO article writing is the crucial step in getting on top of search engines.

For instance lets say a website offers SEO article writing services and article marketing services. The keywords that would be used are the two obvious SEO article writing services and article marketing services but then you also would use lower monthly search volume keywords like best content writer, best article writers, search engine optimization articles for clients, and content writing services. See these keywords do not get huge volumes of monthly searches so not to many article marketing services companies bother to use them. This leaves you with a great chance to rank in the top 10 for these keywords and that will give you a huge percent of the search volume there is monthly.

If you hire a SEO article writing company to optimize your webpages for keywords that have lower competition but a good amount of monthly searches you will receive just about all of that traffic from the search engines. How search engines determine your position in the search engines for keywords is they look at your content relevance, meta tags, title, PR, backlinks, and site links. Mainly the content on your webpages and the number of backlinks you have is what matters the most.

Backlinks are created by a number of ways. You can create backlinks by posting to blogs, blog commenting, forum profiles, and article marketing. All of these are good but the best is article marketing. When you hire a SEO article writing company to write good search engine optimization articles and then post them to high PR article directories you create high authority backlinks. This gets you ranked higher and faster than anything else.

Now if you pick a company that does not know how to write SEO articles then you basically are wasting your time and money. A article has to be optimized to be really effective. This is how you get the articles indexed in the search engines for that keyword and how you get high rankings for the keyword.

People who use search engines will only usually look at the first page results. Sometimes they will look at the second page. If your website is not filled with the keywords people search for your website then you will not get any traffic from search engines. Same goes with your SEO articles a SEO article writing company writes for you. You must have search engine optimized articles and website content to get good search engine rankings.

So the question that lies in front of you is, how do you know what SEO article writing company is best for you? It’s simple. Pick a company that has proven results and well written samples. Look at their website and analyze their statistics on their website. You do not want to pick a company that has a bad PR or Alexa ranking for their own website. Look at their reviews. Any good SEO article writing company will have non-bias reviews. Always purchase a sample article to see what you will get before you order a large amount of content. If you follow these tips when picking a SEO article writing company then you will be on top of the search engines in no time. If you ignore everything I said then you will be were you are now in a few months from now and will fill like you are spinning your wheels.

WV Writing Services specializes in affordable Article Marketing. We help webmasters optimize their websites to make them search engine friendly. All of our seo articles are done at affordable prices. We just launched Article Spark, which is a new all-in-one Internet Marketing Package to get you Branded on the Internet and to drive traffic to your website by the way of seo article writing. Plans Start at 9.

The Crisis of Creativity
writing article
Image by ocularinvasion
Typography for a series of articles on

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