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The first case is that of a British teacher in his early 30s who is suspected of grooming girls as young as five at a school. In some cases, children are trafficked from neighbouring countries like Vietnam. These can be contact or non-contact acts, including harassment, and exposure to pornography1. She met her first client while working in a karaoke house. Some offenders approach children directly, and others may hire an intermediary to procure a child for them. Access to virgin girls is facilitated through various established networks and can be difficult to access for an individual with no connections. The research found evidence of an organised market in Cambodia, assisting men in their virginity-seeking activities.

Most of the girls are Vietnamese, they say, sold into temporary slavery by parents desperate to bail themselves out of debt.

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Westerners prefer girls who speak a little English. States Parties shall take measures to combat the illicit transfer and non-return of children abroad. Sexy school girl 23 min Decasdereaed - 2. This includes gaining a deeper understanding of how child sex tourists operate in relation to accessing children, building trust with children, their families and communities, and how they avoid detection. On the plus side, there are many success stories. Residential status of offenders males Table

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