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Article Marketing By The Means Of SEO Article Writing Can Boost Your Website Sales


Article marketing with seo article writing is an awesome way to drive tons of new traffic to your website. Yes we all know the search engines love websites that is packed with new and fresh information. Yes there is other ways to get people to your website other than by seo article writing and article marketing. However the best way is seo article writing.

Article marketing by the way of seo article writing is always new because you are always writing new valuable information on your niche. So all the seo articles you write has the potential to be indexed by Google, Yahoo and the other major search engines if you write the articles correctly.

Article marketing with seo articles is not as simple as one thinks. SEO article writing has procedures you have to follow to get the best results out your seo articles. There are steps to follow to get the article listed in the search engines.

SEO means search engine optimization. Articles written with the use of keywords is what seo articles is. SEO article writing only works if you can put the keywords in the correct places. Article marketing can only be useful if you do it right. Here is the right steps to writing seo articles.

Firstly, select a few keywords that best matches your product or service. Choose something people search for when wanting to find your product. This is done by looking at the search volumes on the words you choose. Google ad words works good for this. Pick words that has high search volume but low people using them.

You can find programs that does this for you but they can be costly. Costly but worth it in my opinion. It saves you time that you can use for other important tasks for your business. Google ad words will work just fine if you need to use it.

Step two in article marketing by the use of seo article writing is to place the keyword or words in your title. You want the title to be between 9 and 17 words long and contain your keyword. You can use 1 or 2 keywords for each seo article.

The most important step is the last one. Place your keyword in the first 50 characters of the article. Then for every one hundred words or more place one of the keywords. Don’t make the keywords fit in exactly every one hundred words. The seo articles needs to make sense to the readers! The main thing to article marketing is knowing were to place your words.

Now that you know how to write seo articles lets look at the benefits of seo article writing. Article marketing with seo articles gives your website backlinks when you post the seo articles on article sites or blogs. The backlinks is the most important part of determining your search engine rankings. With that being said the backlinks you build have to be related to your niche. Those backlinks carries more weight than backlinks on sites that are not on topic with your site. Take note to the categories you are trying to post to.

The most important part of seo article writing is proving to the readers that you know what you are talking about and are not just like so many other websites out trying to sell you a product or services. Writing seo articles gives the visitor’s something to look forward on your site and will visit again and again. Eventually they will end up buying if they keep returning.

Article marketing with seo articles takes practice to get it right. However it’s worth the extra time and effort it takes to write informative articles. If you don’t have the time to engage in seo article writing you can hire a freelance writer to write your seo articles for you.

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