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Doesn’t Your Article Get Read


Writing article concisely that clearly conveys its purpose is an art by itself. Artistry in language is a plus point, but more than that what is important is to tell your story in a way that does justice to your readers’ time.
There perhaps are no specific ground rules as to what makes writing article interesting enough to demand attention. You’d have come across writers who can cleverly weave words to keep interest alive as their articles move on, yet may be there’s less sophistication in their narration.
On the other hand, there are those articles that are so rich with sparsely used words and lengthy description that lay readers are put off no sooner the first paragraph is read through.
Clearly the answer to writing article that gets read lies between the two extremes. It’s a job of expertise that calls for constant juggling with words that lend weight to the article, and at the same time, make it an easy reading.
What then are some important steps to bear in mind while writing article? Here are some 5 that may be of help:
Knowing The Reader
We’re often prone to the folly of forgetting whom we are writing article for. Say it’s a tutorial about starting home business and meant for work-at-home moms. Prudence requires that the article will deal on spelling out easy steps for work-at-home moms to get started.
Instead if the article takes off in a direction, which say emphasizes on what home business can do after it has become successful, it will not be able to help budding work-at-home moms.
Heading & Opening Paragraph
Both are equally important and they complement each other. A good heading with a poor opening paragraph is as bad as vice versa. The trick is to make the two interesting when writing article so that they can arrest attention of lay readers just passing by.
The opening paragraph has another necessity. In addition to being a compelling reading, it needs to throw light on what comes in the rest of the article. If it fails here, rest assured it will also fail to evoke interest of readers.
The Language
Haven’t we said above that the art of writing article borders on both the ability to narrate well and use sound language! Well, the idea is of course to ensure no mistake in grammar and spelling, but extends beyond that.
Let there be a logical flow in narration of the article as it proceeds. Long sentence, too much elaboration, out-of-context writing and the like do more harm to an article than good. Doing so may in fact indicate the author’s lack of preparedness for writing article.
On the other hand many an author suffers from the notion that some amount of makeup is essential for writing article to make it a good read. This is just not true.
Sub-headings, Short Paragraphs, Bulleted Points
When you use sub-headings, you’re in fact organizing your article into sections that together form the whole. If this helps you to write in a structured way, remember it also helps your readers to clearly understand your article. It’s a big plus point to make use of while writing article.
Similarly, short paragraphs and using numbers or bullets, the latter to segregate notable features or points, render an article easy to follow even with a short glance. These attributes are very dear to busy corporate managers who always have less time but piles of materials to go through every single day.
Why Not Use Figures
Remember we said above it is better to steer clear from unnecessarily ornamenting your narration because it confuses readers. But the one ornamentation that may prove helpful is using figures to drive home your point.
Talking of figures, what readily comes to mind is the use of statistical data to support your argument when writing article. If you have them, use by all means. Do take care however that you don’t go overboard with numbers.
I also try using pictures or pictorial figures like the one below. It simply informs my readers that we at Words2Content are into writing article for clients. For you it could be anything that makes sense for your article.
You may not like to use an image at all for your article. But better do. If not for search engines, an image or 2 may also help in illustration, which may otherwise seem difficult when writing article.
To quote Personnel Today [], a E&Y research estimates that deciphering poor writing in business costs the UK economy ?10bn a year.
It’s a sobering reminder that there is no dearth of poor writing whether in UK or perhaps elsewhere. It’s all the more reason to bear in mind the necessity of writing article well, lest your effort as much as mine is labeled a complete waste altogether.

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