Nicked fuck in pizza delivery girl

This was going to be the last straw and he was going to be fired, it was all my fault for ratting him out. I got one once that was basically flatbread with salty ketchup and nacho cheese. It's like he couldn't see the path to the left. If you get to a house and dont feel comfortable leaving your car, come back. Pizza delivery girl Gina Valentina fucks her customer 11 min Trenchcoat X - 6.

When its bad, ehhh its still pretty good.

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I called my manager and coworker about it but the 10 minutes with my hand wrapped in blood-soaked bandages and trying to keep all the customers from leaving was rather stressful, as was feeling rather light-headed from all the blood loss. The one complaint I ever had was over the pizza being upside down?!?!?!? I had been working there for about a month or so. Never once did I drop a pizza or damage it on delivery. I never ordered from that particular chain again. Hey, at least you were trying to follow the directions The delivery guy gets to my place about the same time I was getting back, which is now 2 hours after I ordered the pizza and 80 minutes since he left he place to deliver it.

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