Facial diagram of diagnosis

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According to Ayurveda, the forehead is ruled by the Vata dosha and relates to the nervous system and digestive system, meaning stress and internal stagnation are probably causing breakouts here. By studying skin conditions and changes, we can determine inner imbalances and stressed areas of the body. Group 7 Created with Sketch. House of Travel Qianyi Gong If it is in any way disfigured with scars or deep lines, you might be better off saying put. In Mien Shiang we call this area the Seat of the Stamp, or Yin Tong, and issues with father or the dominant parental figure are marked here. You are commenting using your WordPress. Not based in Ayurveda, but it's important to note that acne on the cheeks might be caused by a dirty cellphone and pillowcases, or a tendency to touch your face a lot.

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Numerous comedones and oiliness over the nose indicate Yin energy, which is prone to colds and bronchitis.

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Chinese Face Reading

Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: The same techniques can still be used today to read the skin on your face to help determine what's causing flare-ups or blemishes. Oz and Research say about Reiki? According to Chinese face diagnosis, the forehead reflects in particular the nervous system and the small intestines. These are bodily liquids other than blood and include sweat, urine, gastric juices and saliva. Each of the 12 principal facial features, the.

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facial diagram of diagnosis
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facial diagram of diagnosis
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