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Portrait of young beautiful indian cherokee woman with feathers in her hair and traditional makeup on abstract background. Whether the blue eyes of some Northern Hemisphere people from cold climates have any evolutionary value is just guessed at now. POC are social, not racial term. Traditional xhosa woman wearing brown fabric and bracelets. I want to say too just because Europeans may be more diverse in their coloring is absolutely no proof of them being superior to any other ethnic groups. Lots of Vitamin D in white people who live where they need it — in the way way north.

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She is a model. She had always had the dream of participating in a beauty pageant, and that dream came true in when she first took part in a local beauty pageant competition known as Miss Malakal which she won. There are relatives there who appear to be caucasian and those with stunning blue black skin with every combination of eye color, skin color and hair color AND we are all related. The smallest to none of the neanderthal genetic makeup is found in african people today. During other studies scientists have had dark skinned people move to dark areas where there is less sun light and their skin would lighten up because they no longer needed a darker pigmentation to protect themselves from the sun as most of the time it would be covered by clouds. Panoramic scene inspired by Ancient Egypt art.

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