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He looked down at her innocent face, his lovely little daughter, his cock stretching her lips, her hot breath on the head of his cock. His big, hairy hand appeared, followed by the rest of him, as he drew the shower screen back, revealing his wet little girl, who now cowered in the corner of the shower, naked, water dripping down from her body, her nipples hard and erect. He would enjoy watching her squirm around. She felt him jerk his hips forward, burying another inch of cock in her mouth and throat. He tugged, hearing her groan, finally managing to get the other cuff to close, her leg now pulled tightly. He wanted her to feel the pain as it slapped her naked flesh.

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Her father helped her clean up the kitchen, one of the few times he did.

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He pumped his finger into her wet pussy, one finger now becoming two, feeling her tight, virgin pussy grip his finger as tight as her asshole did. His teeth clamped onto the tender nipple and bit down hard. He felt her try to push her breast farther into her mouth. She had flaunted her body around the house, teasing him with her young body, half-naked. The spanking was not as bad as what she thought it would be, it was the rest of it. Her body tensed, waiting to be impaled on the fingers. Had she become a slut, unable to control her own urges?

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