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Significance and Necessity of Article Writing and Submission Service


There are many things to do and handle, many strategies are indispensible in order to make the page visible and accessible for readers and potential clients. Article writing is the most common strategy and the most effective way to promote an online business. To improve SEO ranking and building traffic to a web service is the greatest necessity for the life of a website. Article writing and submission services are the advanced and frequent mean to communicate an advertisement plus informative message to the readers.

Article writing is an art to present some dynamic, informative and tempting ideas which work to transmit writer’s thought into reader’s mind. The most noticeable thing associated with the web businesses and online advertisement functions is, it is apart from physical presence of a company that can showcase their products and attract people. Online world is virtual, abstract entity where all the operations are executed and concluded by unseen actors.

In these circumstances, it is quite complicated to get connected with the clients across the world and discuss a product’s significance and efficacy. Article writing is a marketing tactic, the content works to represent an idea or a product. Article submission services are like a market place where you place your product for sale.

Article can be written by anyone but can not successfully submit it to any leading and authentic article directory as these data directories have stern and somehow technical sort of requirements which a common writer can not understand and fulfill. As the online businesses are gaining more popularity and acceptance so, their advertisement and marketing needs have become more challenging and complex.

Article writing and submission service emerged to satisfy the business owner’s demands, their basic motive is to use article writing as strategy. In return of nominal fee they get your article published and if you want an article to distribute then they initially produce the article relevant to your business and then post it to leading article distribution sites.
The significance of article writing and submission service is, they first check the article and mold it to make it acceptable for an article directory and then present it personally thereby eliminating any chances of rejection.

The main aim of these services is to distribute the idea to the most accessible and credible database where more traffic use to go and get the desired information. They try to post the article to the maximum number of directories having good PR (page ranking) because an article is always associated with the link back to the parent website that helps a reader to reach to the service if he finds it feasible and significant.

But article must have some sort of information for its reader, if it is stuffed with keywords content just to feed search engines can not make its impact and couldn’t work to persuade a reader towards a service. At last, these article submission sites hold a lot of benefits for individual and businesses both, as they primarily work to make your business message reachable and readable to their target audience.

Phyllis Prenatt is an award winning web content writer is the leading expert in writing content for websites aimed at professionals and generation-y audience alike and much more. She has written content for various niches and industries and is an expert in article writing service for the web. She has served in the web content industry for over a decade and has recently joined Cyber Writers as Editor-in-Chief.

DES: The Complete Story
writing article
Image by DES Daughter
a Book by Cynthia Laitman Orenberg

This prize-winning book provides comprehensive information on every aspect (including legal info) of the drug, DES, the artifical estrogen that was given to millions of pregnant women in the mistaken belief that it would prevent miscarriage. It is clearly written with the consumer in mind, well-organized and still accurate, even more than two decades since its publication. – Sources: Amazon customer review.


Mrs Orenberg, a medical editor and writer for the University of Wisconsin Medical School, has written a treatise on the effects of diethylstilbestrol (DES) from the perspective of a mother whose daughter was exposed in utero to this drug. In 200 pages, she relates in lay terms essentially what is considered to be current knowledge regarding the development of DES, the first inexpensive, orally effective estrogenic substance; the clinical trials carried out by the Smiths in the 1940s regarding its usefulness in certain complications of pregnancy; its subsequent widespread use in several million pregnant women; the controlled double-blind studies that eventually demonstrated it to be no more effective than a placebo; the study in Boston by Herbst, Ulfelder, Scully, and Poskanzer that related exposure in utero to this drug to the development of a rare clear-cell adenocarcinoma of the vagina in several young women; and the subsequent establishment of a …

Sources: JAMA. 371088 1982;247(14):2027. doi:10.1001/jama.1982.03320390085060.

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* DES DiEthylSilbestrol Resources by NCBI: Cancer and Pregnancy.
* DES DiEthylSilbestrol Resources by NCBI: In-Utero Exposure to DES.
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