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Has your vet thought about allergies? Allow him to see and smell the socks before you put them on. She has very sensitive skin, so usually it's something itchy or a cyst that burst. Calm your dog down by petting him and talking to him. Not that this is necessarily your issue, but worth thinking about maybe?

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If you post her current food, I'll help you locate another option!

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If you snag a toenail and cause your dog any pain, wait awhile before trying again. Have you tried dog booties? This may decrease her compulsive paw chewing. Our girl can goes from chewing on her foot like it's made of rawhide to a sample lick and then to staring at you with hate in her heart because you made her foot taste like death with just one spray. Phone linking is sketchy so I respectfully ask you to do some Googling for ways to make the dog think, solve problems, and learn self control. Corgies are, in my experience, smart and fierce and want to show what they can do.

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foot lick sock
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