Mk 108 cannon penetration

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The MK which we see in World of Tanks favours muzzle velocity and thus, penetration over rate of fire -- the former being preferred inspite of the problems this caused with accuracy. On the other hand, it leaves the muzzle at around twice the velocity. The ciclic rate was rpm. Again, the Japanese Army and Navy used different weapons. The Swiss Oerlikon guns provided the inspiration for many 20mm guns. Better respawn if you crash.

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MK108 impact on ground targets?

A relatively small number of these aircraft, which were the first cannon-armed fighters in service, were completed. Bordkanone BK 3,7part I: This is due to an influx of troll accounts. Late in the war, the Ho appeared on bomber destroyer versions of some of the best Japanese Army fighters, such as the Ki and Ki, but it seems to have seen little combat use. A foot is 0. Its development began at the end of WWI, primarily as a weapon for fighters, because it was understood that rifle-calibre machineguns did not have enough destructive power and range. If mounted elsewhere, such as in the wing, the asymmetric force of the cannon's recoil tended to yaw the aircraft's nose to one side.

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mk 108 cannon penetration

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