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How many Freudian analysts does it take to cange a light bulb? If you wanna whine and carry on about how offended you are, go gather a group of fellow feminist liberals and you can all complain together. Actually, let me clarify, the host of the Oscars told every young woman watching that her talents are worthless in comparison to her sex appeal because successful men like Clooney including people who own studios have no use for women except as sex objects. But MacFarlane's boob song, the needless sexualization of a little girl, and the relentless commentary about how women look reinforced, over and over, that women somehow don't belong. What do rednecks do for Halloween? This seems like really torturing the meaning of the joke. Let the wrath of Metafilter descend upon me -- I laughed my feminist pro-gay, anti DV ass off.

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I was fairly surprised that the end song featured one of those "about to say offensive word in a song

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35 Dirty Christmas Jokes That Will Help You Get Through The Holidays

I will amend to "a large majority of people talking about the Oscars. But, uncomfortable for different reasons. If someone spoke that way about my daughter, even indirectly, I would be pretty disgusted. Oh and that part where her only worth is as a sex object. Simon is my newfound hero.

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truly tasteless jokes boob
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truly tasteless jokes boob
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