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The Future of Article Marketing – An Interview


Chris Ellington is the CEO and Founder of Article Marketer. With over 20 years of marketing experience and expertise, he works with small business owners, clarifying strategic business initiatives. He guides them in focusing on the most important and profitable aspects of their businesses. Less than a year old, the Article Marketer site already serves thousands of authors and has successfully completed more than 3.3 million article submissions.

Question: I stumbled across your site by accident one day when I was approving articles on a list I owned. That’s how I found you. Tell me how you got started in article writing and promotion.

Answer: Content is the foundation of any internet marketing campaign. No matter what you choose to do, whether it’s hard-core SEO, Google AdWords, search enging marketing, email marketing, or any other form of online marketing – the web is fundamentally built around content.

Creating and providing content to the literally millions of content sites and newsletters just seemed to be a smart move. Did you know that there are now more websites on the net than there are people on
the planet? The webmasters of those sites simply don’t have time to create the sheer volume of content they need to fill their newsletters.

I started sending articles to people who wanted content, and I was amazed at the results. More targeted traffic started showing up at my various sites. With more targeted traffic comes greater conversion – which means more people to opt-in to my lists, more affiliates join my
programs, and more sales of my products and services.

The problem was I was spending too much time submitting articles by hand. I knew there had to be a better way. There were services to do article submission – some charging up to $ 400 per article! – and there was software to download and install – but I was still chained to my desk to do the actual submission work.

My consulting work with small business owners had taught me that what the market needed was a low-cost, automated, hands-free solution. I set out to build a service that would alleviate all of the problems that I’d seen with article marketing: either time-consuming and tedious drudgework or high expense for the author, while being spam-ridden for the newsletter editors and content site owners.

I put together a team and we created completely automated submission, free article review to help each author get better results, and a team human-spam-blockers who make sure that spam never goes through our servers. Article submission is affordable to small business owners through a unique subscription model that allows an author to submit an unlimited number of articles without having to factor in the expense of each and every article.

Question: What changes have you seen in article writing and promotion since you started your service?

Answer: The article marketing landscape is constantly changing. Some once very popular article sites have completely vanished, overwhelmed by spam and the sheer volume of new articles being submitted. At the same time, new sites come online all the time. Keeping up with these changes is almost a full time job.

As people started understanding that they could get one-way (as opposed to reciprocal) links, better search engine placement, improved pagerank, more traffic and sales just from writing articles, we’ve
seen the inevitable entry of spammers into the market. These are people who are not interested in providing good content, but only want a free link in someone’s newsletter.

The result is that the article directories and content site owners are putting more restrictions on the articles they’ll accept. While in the early days we could submit short (150-250 word) articles, these days if an article isn’t at least 400 words, it’s unlikely to be accepted. A number of sites have now banned the use of ‘tinyurl’ URL replacements because spammers mask their affiliate links or links to bad neighborhoods.

It used to be that we could incorporate URLs into the article body, but more and more article sites are rejecting anything they find with a .com address. We have worked out an arrangement with most of the content sites to allow the specific use of URLs under certain circumstances, and we teach our authors how they can effectively incorporate URLs into their articles and yet avoid having their
accounts banned.

We’ve seen a surge of “Private Label” articles in the market. These are canned, pre-written articles that people can buy and submit under their own names. Unfortunately, only the first few people who submit those articles are successful, everyone else is an “also ran”. Private Label articles are like jokes on the internet. The first time you see one, it’s funny. The 50th time it’s just annoying.

Question: What do you think article writers should be aware of when writing articles?

Answer: There are three rules when it comes to writing articles:
Rule #1: Provide Good Content
Rule #2: Provide Good Content
Rule #3: When in doubt, see Rules #1 and #2

If you follow those three rules, you’ll do just fine. What is “good content”? It’s approximately 750 words that allows the reader to come away with some knowledge that wasn’t there before. Focus on a topic and make sure that the reader gets something of value at the end.

Authors should ask themselves this question:
Must a reader buy my product/service in order to take action?

If the answer is “yes”, then go back to the drawing board. Of course, the author may need to substitute “visit my website”, “subscribe to my newsletter” or any of a dozen other calls to action based on the author’s desires.

When providing newsletter content, it’s important to remember that you are speaking directly to a specifically targeted audience. These are people who have subscribed to “Dog Weekly” or “Fish Tank Monthly”, so if your thing is dogs or fish tanks, this is your perfect audience. Put your best foot forward. Give them really good information and they’ll want to visit your site for more information. At that point you can sell them something.

Another important point is that articles stay on the article banks forever. When you include a call to action in your resource box, make sure it’s not a ‘limited time offer’. Don’t use contact information
that might go away. It’s always best to send your readers to a website you control (and can update) so that if your email address or phone number changes, they will still be able to reach you.

Question: Share a few of your best article writing tips with us.

Answer: The title is key. It’s the first thing people see and the first decision they make about your article. If they don’t get past the title, they’ll never read the rest.

A title should never be a noun. If you have a great article about fish tanks, and you title it “Fish Tanks”, you’re unlikely to get as many readers as you would with, for instance “How to Keep Your Fish Tank Sparkly Clean” (assuming, of course, that the article is about keeping a fish tank clean.) Add some action and some excitement to your title to draw people into the content.

Your article itself should be about one thing. Don’t try to cover all aspects or every angle in a single article. Break it down into component parts and explain the most important points.

Try not to write a multi-part article series. I know that goes against some other advice you may have heard, but there are some important reasons to avoid multipart articles.

The first problem is that a reader may not have access to the other parts. How terrible would it be to find “Fish tanks Part 2” and not know how to find the first part? The second problem is that newsletter publishers may not be willing to commit to running all 16 parts of your masterpiece, and so will not print any of your work. Each article you write must be able to stand on its own, with a beginning, a middle and an end. Don’t require that a reader be fluent in parts 1-3 before they read part 4. Never end your article with “to be continued…” or “the rest of this article can be found on my website…” because the content site owners are expecting you to provide content – all of it – in exchange for the link and the targeted audience they’ll be delivering to you.

Question: What trends do you see in article writing and promotion, and what do you think the future holds for article writing and promotion?

Answer: We’re seeing a shift in the marketplace. While at one time only “polished authors” would submit their articles, it’s become much more common to get really good articles from average business owners.

People who have never written an article before are discovering that it isn’t that hard. Our editors help them put out a good quality article the first time through. I can’t tell you the number of emails
we get thanking us for the detailed assistance provided by our review team. Anyone can write an article about a topic they’re passionate about (and isn’t that why they started a business in the first place?) and they can create interesting content just based on their own experiences.

I believe that the surge of “Private Label” articles will go away as people discover that only original content actually delivers the results of marketing with articles. While re-writing those articles can be effective, just replacing certain words with synonyms is not enough. You can’t expect a dog newsletter owner to put “Combing Your Mutt” in the newsletter after publishing “Grooming Your Dog” in last week’s newsletter.

I think people are getting more excited about bringing their own expertise to the fore. Different dog groomers can write about combing dogs and have each of them published in the dog newsletter, because
each tells a specific story or anecdote, provides original tips and tricks learned “in the trenches”, and brings a fresh perspective to the subject.

Will article writing and submission ever go the way of banner ads, pop ups, and FFA sites? No, because content is the foundation of the web. Other forms of marketing have come and gone – even email marketing is difficult these days – but anyone who provides good content to the content-hungry audience will see their work published all around the net, will get links from relevant sites, will see their pagerank increase, and will get more targeted traffic to their websites.

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A Sample of My Cursive
writing article
Image by Daphne Abernathy
Inspired by the report that the internet/computers is killing cursive handwriting. I submit a sample of mine. Lowercase isn’t too bad, Upper Case looks like a 3rd grader did it. I know some of the Upper Case letters are wrong too. Does anyone remember how to make a Cursive Capital Q?

Here’s the article: news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090919/ap_on_re_us/us_cursive_angst

ডিভিডি অর্ডার করতে কল করুন: ০১৬১১ ৩৩ ৪৪ ০১ থেকে ৫ পর্যন্ত, ০১৬১১ ৩১ ৩২ ৯০, ০১৬৭৭ ৩১ ৩২ ৮০, ০১৬৭৭ ৩১ ৩২ ৯০. http://www.youtube.com/SeoHelpBd http://www.outsourcing-institute.com or http://www.youtube.com/OutsourcingHelpBd

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July 26

Select the Best Article Writers for Your Business Growth


In this advanced and highly interactive era, article writing has now changed its face and in online domain, it is a source of information and marketing. This promotion mean has acquired immense popularity as it is an economical and frequent way of information dissemination. Because of its growing acceptability and popularity among the masses, the need of article writers has also increased.

Now everyone knows that among many online marketing strategies, article writing is frequently implementing by majority of corporate, businesses and other online services so, demand of quality information content is also mounting. In these circumstances, need of expert article writer is also growing. Internet is over flowing with different sites and services that provide writing services to the clients and have various freelance writers that are ready to work but having numerous choices, it is very difficult for a service seeker to choose expert article writers for the promotion of their services.

Article writing is an art and every writer who is present in the market is not completely familiar with this art. Writing flair and writing expertise are two different things; people who think they can write professional articles because they have successfully accomplished their college and university writing tasks, they have totally wrong perception because this sort of writing needs many crucial features that can only be acquired after spending considerable time in the field. Article writer most important qualities along with writing abilities that a client should observe and evaluate during the selection process, are writing speed, research habit, market know how and professional approach.

When a writer is required to write about any service promotion, first of all he must have enough information about the industry and level of competition in that specific market sphere. In order to defeat other actors and reduce the readability of already published stuff by other services, a writer must collect the information to understand the weaknesses of counterpart. A perfect market evaluator can produce better stuff because he performs his task after having complete detail about the market actors and contemporary trends.

When a service seeker wants to have the best article writers of the town, he must follow a definite guideline for choosing them for the promotion of their service. They have to check the reputation of a writer before assigning him a task. For the purpose, they can ask their previous work sample and request the writer to write a sample assignment. This sample can be evaluated and assess by the service seeker and if he thinks that article possesses all the necessary elements that will work and significantly derive positive results then he should take the decision in writer’s favor.

For marketing stuff, along with creativity and information, attention grabbing element is inevitable. Some aspect of sensation and suspense is considered as additional quality of a writer so; service seekers should remember all the qualities of an expert and professional writer while selecting one for their business advertisement and prominence.

Phyllis Prenatt is an award winning web content writer is the leading expert in writing content for websites aimed at professionals and generation-y audience alike and much more. She has written content for various niches and industries and is an expert in article writing services for the web. She has served in the web content industry for over a decade and has recently joined Cyber Writers as Editor-in-Chief.

Open source and faculty motivation
writing article
Image by opensourceway
Read the article on opensource.com
Open source and faculty motivation

Created by Colleen Simon for opensource.com

More Writing Article Articles

July 26

Why SEO Article Writing And Not Plain Content Writing?

SEO article writing or Search Engine Optimization article writing is the biggest thing to hit the internet since…well…search engines! It is the way that website owners have found to help rank their pages higher in the lists. Some people try to do it themselves only to find out that SEO article writing is not as easy as it seems. The content must be good. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling must be spot on and keywords are of the utmost importance.

SEO Article Writing vs. Content Writing

Some people will argue that SEO article writing is totally different that normal content writing. To a point that is true. Content writing must be well thought out and researched, so must SEO article writing. Content writing must have good grammar and spelling, so must SEO article writing. Content writing must be engaging, informative, relevant, and entertaining, so must SEO article writing. Content writing doesn’t have to worry about using keywords at a specific density to optimize the web page for search engines to help increase page rank, SEO article writing does. That is the main difference between content writing and SEO article writing. SEO article writing, at least good SEO article writing has to be everything that standard content article writing is and then some. SEO article writing can prove to be difficult, especially when the keywords or keyword phrases aren’t something that a normal speaker or writer would say or write. The words must flow and appear natural but still fit the requirements of SEO article writing. Only truly talented writers can operate successfully in SEO article writing.

Good SEO Article Writing

Before you need to know how to find good SEO article writing you need to know what good SEO article writing looks like. You need to know what type of content you need and how long the article should be. Most companies that specialize in SEO article writing will tell you that SEO articles should be between 300 and 600 words. The average length of article is 500 words. Then depending upon the type of content and where it will be used, you will determine your keyword density. Standard rules of SEO article writing would say that for a web page or blog of 500 words you should have a keyword density of around 3%-4%. That means good SEO article writing would give you between 15 and 22 keywords for a 500 word article. That’s a lot more than you think it is. If you don’t think it sound like it is difficult, go ahead, give it a try. You will most likely be surprised at how difficult SEO article writing really is.

That is also a great way to start finding a company that is truly good at SEO article writing. Once you know how difficult SEO article writing is, when you see a company that can do it well and deliver quality articles quickly, you will know you have found a gem. It will also help you in understanding why companies that offer SEO article writing charge the fees per article they do. It takes a very special writer indeed to do SEO article writing.

Take for example this article; do you realize that the keyword phrase used in this article is SEO article writing? The total number of words for this article is 589 and the number of times the keyword phrase was used was 26 times, for a keyword density of 4.414%. Something to think about in your search.

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Related Writing Article Articles

July 26

Writing Article Reviews


Writing a review article for a product is one of the greatest ways to get targeted traffic. Customers are looking for information to help them decide what to buy. By giving them the helpful information they need, you are aiding them to make that decision and are gaining a higher level of trust. If you do it right and they decide to buy right then, they will click on the link in your article to purchase from you. This is the whole basis of writing article reviews. Here are three methods to go about writing a review article.

The first way to write a review article is to buy the product. Firsthand knowledge allows you to list all the advantages and disadvantages of the product. Although it can be an expensive way to get information, you will be able to provide solid information. You will have a real review. Another option to consider is to ask the owner for a trial, and tell them you own a popular review site that you plan reviewing their product on. Many companies would love the chance to get a review, if they knew it could bring them some business. It can’t hurt to ask.

A second way, is to take a survey of others who have used the product or service before. You can ask them questions about the product using a standard set of questions you would like to cover in order to give a good review. You can also ask them to give it a rating on a scale of one to ten. Online forums are a great place to find users who would be nice enough to give you the information you are looking for. If you are able to find enough customers to take your survey, this is a great way to write an accurate review without having to buy the product.

The third, cheapest, and fastest way to write a review article is to search for other review articles on the same topic. Search Google for other review articles and compile the points you would like to highlight/summarize in your own words. Include the good and the bad comments of the customer’s experience that you found. Then, just average the ratings you got from them and you are done. With this method, you dont have to buy the product or spend time trying to locate other owners to interview.

Purchasing products and services is a good way to get information for writing review articles. But, if you advertise a lot of them, be ready to spend a lot of money and hope they convert! You may want to interview additional users or search other reviews. Whichever way you choose to do it, writing review articles is one of the most profitable forms of article marketing today.

Tyler Ellison is a successful internet marketer who has been using article marketing to make a full time living for over 2 years. He offers his subscribers 1 free article per month at 75Articles.Com

writing article
Image by Why Not Linh Vu
Article 1 : Bros before ho’s – “The bond between men is stronger than the bond between a man and a woman because, on average, men are stronger than woman. That’s just science”

July 12

Article Writing, A Path To Free Targeted Traffic


Article writing has become one of the best ways to get into the search engine rankings and to establish expertise. Article Writing is one of the most important and effective form of marketing and promotion that guarantees your success and business profits.

If you want to bring targeted traffic to your website, using keyword optimized articles
is now considered one of the main methods.

When you understand how you can write one article and create long term traffic for maximum website traffic you will want to write on a consistent basis targeting more keywords. That is why I don’t mess with traffic generating gimmicks…I want permanent sources of traffic; writing articles accomplishes this.

Article writing is one of easiest, simplest ways to get new potential customers to visit your website. Article writing is the most cost-effective way to drive tons of traffic to your web site. Writing articles is also used to create content by webmasters to create value for visitors. Article writing is a profitable method of marketing and getting free targeted traffic publicity.

Writing high quality, compelling articles is the ‘cat’s meow’ for driving targeted traffic to the authors web site or business. Writing and submitting your articles is one thing. Writing and submitting articles strategically to various Sites is of tremendous value in both Promotion and Placement.

Writing business related articles with good keywords will actually drive more search engine traffic and also a kind of link building tactic. Writing articles and submitting them to article directory web sites should be project numero uno for you in an attempt to build valuable back links to your web site. Writing articles and submitting them to article directories is an inexpensive way to get traffic to your website.

Learn the tricks of the freelance trade through articles about: writing irresistible query letters; landing interviews with famous and busy people; selling the same article many times; ending your articles gracefully; making your leads sparkle; and drawing your readers in with titles.

There are many free methods of advertising on the Internet that are not very effective, but writing and distributing articles is a surefire way to get your website noticed and a great way to generate income online.

Even if you’re a new writer, you can freelance your way to a fantastic writing career. You simply create a free account with one or more article directories and submit your content for inclusion in their directory. Break free from McDonald’s and get yourself a REAL job.

As an additional bonus, this free method can boost your sites and sales, doubling and even tripling your income. If you think about it, using some of your spare time writing articles and submitting to free content sites can be very lucrative. And writing articles is one of the fastest (and FREE) ways to get lots of exposure, especially if a publisher with a large list picks it up.

What sets some people apart from others regarding article writing, is that they are prepared

and have learned some correct methods, procedures, and time savers for writing articles.

The concept of article writing is to provide the readers with useful, honest and entertaining information, on topics the readers are interested in….can you say ‘targeted traffic’ ! That is why article writing is the most utilized Internet marketing media today.

Conclusion: Article writing is the most cost-effective way to drive tons of traffic to your web site and even if you’re a new writer, you can freelance your way to a fantastic article writing career.

We provides article writing services at affordable prices. We have a team of professional SEO content writers to generate high quality articles and web traffic.

Image from page 239 of “Hardware merchandising August-October 1912” (1912)
writing article
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: hardmerchaugoct1912toro
Title: Hardware merchandising August-October 1912
Year: 1912 (1910s)
Subjects: Hardware industry Hardware Implements, utensils, etc Building
Publisher: Toronto :
Contributing Library: Fisher – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: Algoma University, Trent University, Lakehead University, Laurentian University, Nipissing University, Ryerson University and University of Toronto Libraries

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Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book.

Text Appearing Before Image:
pen and T square was usedfor this purpose, making the stripes 1inch apart, leaving a white panel in the40 centre for the wording. To demon-strate the use of the script lettering inthe cards belonging to this lesson, itwas necessary to use the lower case, aswill be taught in the next and last les-son of this series. Script capitals can-not be used together to make up aword. The Lined Effect. A number of very catchy effects maybe obtained by using the fine lines. Oneway is to line the letter as was shownin a previous lesson; another idea is toline the card around the letter anddecoration, and yet another style, whichis very effective, is to line the decora-tion as is shown in the accompanyingcard. The whole design and letering in thiscase was pencilled out, then outlinedwith a brush and ruled with a rulingpen, leaving the lettering open. Thespray of roses and the ribbon was thengiven a tint—any desirable tint of veryContinued on page 42- HARDWARE AND METAL (W*N9llhPrudk0UlllSiwScript

Text Appearing After Image:
Plate showing the various strokes used in brush outline script. 41 Progressive Hardware Retailing A Humorous Series of Window Cards—Firm Established an Auto Station inFront of Store—Clearing Out the Seasons Goods—A Voting Contest For Piano. A TALK IN TOOL TERMS. Chatham, N.B.—In the windows ofMcDonalds hardware store this weekwas displayed an attractive array ofcarpenters tools, which were shown insuch a manner as to command attentionfrom passers-by. And the advertisingof them was a piece of novel and up-to-date work, drawing attention to almostevery article shown in the window, or atleast such as are most commonly in useby carpenters. On the day the dis-play was being made there appeared inthe leading newspaper of the town, adialogue supposed to have taken placeoutside the store and to have been over-heard by a newspaperman as follows:1 Ever see a spoke shave a plumb, Bob ?No, but I saw a nail set a tee squareand a monkey wrench a floor, Jack.0, gimlets, brace up and have a b

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