September 5

How To Understand Article Marketing and Business Success


Understanding the role of article marketing and its impact on a successful online business is crucial to business owners. Implementing correct article marketing strategies will reap enormous benefits including increased traffic, generating new leads and new customers, thereby broadening your online presence.

There are various steps that should be implemented in order to develop an effective article marketing strategy. Here are 3 very important steps that you need to take into consideration when creating your article marketing strategy:

Creating an Effective Article:

Creating an effective article with valuable information that interests your targeted viewers is critical. Implementing proper key words in order to optimize your SEO is also extremely important toward the success of your business.

If you feel comfortable in writing your own material, then start off by taking notes on the important aspects of your business and then draft up an article. Keep tweaking until you have a final product that you believe will interest your readers.

On the other hand, if writing is something beyond your skills, hire online writers to develop the articles for you. Learning a few writing tips in order to improve your writing skills, will help you market your business better than anyone else can do for you. You will develop abilities to express to your readers the most important aspects of your business. You know the uniqueness of your business better than anyone else.

Submitting Articles to Your Targeted Market:

Once you have created an article with valuable information, it’s time to get it out to the public for eager readers to flock to. You must start submitting your article to various article directories on the internet.

To those of you who are new to article marketing, an Article Directory is quite simply; websites that bring in hundreds of articles by business owners for eager readers to get valuable information regarding various business niches.

Needless to say, these article directories are the most important places for you to submit your articles in order to generate traffic. Doing a little research online will give you the most popular directories that you will want to join up with. All you have to do is create your profile and sign up with them.

Once you have signed up, login and start listing your article or articles. That said, these sites have numerous directories, so search through them and find the directory that best suits your business niche. As these sites have hundreds of directories, you need to figure out what best meets your needs. This can be a little dauntless, but there are simpler ways to find out what to sign up for and what to bypass on. Later on we will explore the best ways as well as discuss more valuable article submission techniques.

It’s Time To Measure Your Articles Effectiveness:

Seasoned marketers will tell you that measuring the effectiveness of your articles is crucial in an effective marketing campaign. Evaluating their written articles, examining their own self assessment and the techniques they are using can decide the success or failure of their campaigns.

Notice I mentioned assessing their techniques? So often this step is overlooked by beginning marketers and this is a huge mistake! Measuring the effectiveness of your technique is critical in assuring your campaign’s growth and continued success.

A professional marketer must be able to visualize whether their campaign is bringing in targeted leads. Looking at and improving their marketing methodologies and tactics is extremely important.

Summing It Up:

These 3 steps are crucial in order to develop a great campaign and become a successful marketer. Improving your article writing, learning how to optimize SEO, link development and landing your articles on appropriate article directories are just a few of the many tasks that a successful marketer deals with on a daily basis.

As said earlier, if your writing is not up to snuff, there are excellent writers available that will help you out. Learn as much as you can regarding SEO, proper linking and good marketing techniques. This is your business and a successful business takes knowledge and hard work.

Later on we will discuss and examine various techniques to help your marketing skills improve and give you the knowledge you need to be a successful Article Marketer.

One of the most powerful tactics of traffic generation is Article Writing. Learn more by reading my free report all about Article Tactics. Don’t underestimate the power of writing articles. The more you write, the more you enjoy writing it, and the better your article will be.

Neal S. Dow House (1829) • National Historic Landmark – signage
writing article
Image by origamidon
714 Congress St, Portland, Maine USA • Neal S. Dow House, also known as Gen. Neal Dow House, is an historic house in Portland, Maine, built for noted politician and prohibitionist Neal S. Dow. He was the Prohibition Party candidate for U.S. president in 1880.

Built in 1829, the House is now home to the Maine Women’s Christian Temperance Union. – From Wikipedia.

∆ The structure, a Colonial brick home built in 1829 for Neal Dow, the “Czar of Temperance” who had countless run-ins with the local Irish community.

Neal Dow (1804-1897) was the son of a Portland Quaker family and entered his father Josiah’s tanning business, from which he realized handsome profits. He was a volunteer firefighter and elected chief engineer of the Portland Fire Department in 1839, a position he held for many years. At the age of only twenty-three Dow became a founding member of the Maine Temperance Union and his life’s work was assured. The Union argued over the issue of wine and Dow became a leader of a splinter group of the union, which advocated total abstinence. He spent many years demanding that only teetotalism and prohibition were the true tenets of temperance societies; he also tried to put through a law prohibiting the retailing of ardent spirits. Dow and his cold water army were successful in a prohibitory law put into effect in October 1846, but the law proved ineffectual as many, including merchants and lawyers, saw this as very bad for business and opposed it with all their power. – From the website of Maine Irish Heritage Trail.

WCTU members chose total abstinence from all alcohol as their life style and they adopted this definition of temperance: Temperance may be defined as: moderation in all things healthful; total abstinence from all things harmful. – Xenophon (Greek philosopher), c. 400 BCE – From the WCTU website.

The WCTU was organized by women who were concerned about the destructive power of alcohol and the problems it was causing their families and society. It elaborates that "In many towns in Ohio and New York in the fall of 1873 women concerned about the destructive power of alcohol met in churches to pray and then marched to the saloons to ask the owners to close their establishments. They then established the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union. In the belief that they needed to become organized nationally, the next summer they established the National Woman’s Christian Temperance Union. Within the first five years, the WCTU established a network of over 1,000 local units or "unions" and began publication of a journal, Our Union. – From an excellent article on WCTU history.

☞ On April 11, 1973, the National Park Service added this structure to the National Register of Historic Places (#73000236). In addition, the site was designated a National Historic Landmark on May 30, 1974.

• GeoHack: 43°39′11″N 70°16′12″W.

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July 26

Select the Best Article Writers for Your Business Growth


In this advanced and highly interactive era, article writing has now changed its face and in online domain, it is a source of information and marketing. This promotion mean has acquired immense popularity as it is an economical and frequent way of information dissemination. Because of its growing acceptability and popularity among the masses, the need of article writers has also increased.

Now everyone knows that among many online marketing strategies, article writing is frequently implementing by majority of corporate, businesses and other online services so, demand of quality information content is also mounting. In these circumstances, need of expert article writer is also growing. Internet is over flowing with different sites and services that provide writing services to the clients and have various freelance writers that are ready to work but having numerous choices, it is very difficult for a service seeker to choose expert article writers for the promotion of their services.

Article writing is an art and every writer who is present in the market is not completely familiar with this art. Writing flair and writing expertise are two different things; people who think they can write professional articles because they have successfully accomplished their college and university writing tasks, they have totally wrong perception because this sort of writing needs many crucial features that can only be acquired after spending considerable time in the field. Article writer most important qualities along with writing abilities that a client should observe and evaluate during the selection process, are writing speed, research habit, market know how and professional approach.

When a writer is required to write about any service promotion, first of all he must have enough information about the industry and level of competition in that specific market sphere. In order to defeat other actors and reduce the readability of already published stuff by other services, a writer must collect the information to understand the weaknesses of counterpart. A perfect market evaluator can produce better stuff because he performs his task after having complete detail about the market actors and contemporary trends.

When a service seeker wants to have the best article writers of the town, he must follow a definite guideline for choosing them for the promotion of their service. They have to check the reputation of a writer before assigning him a task. For the purpose, they can ask their previous work sample and request the writer to write a sample assignment. This sample can be evaluated and assess by the service seeker and if he thinks that article possesses all the necessary elements that will work and significantly derive positive results then he should take the decision in writer’s favor.

For marketing stuff, along with creativity and information, attention grabbing element is inevitable. Some aspect of sensation and suspense is considered as additional quality of a writer so; service seekers should remember all the qualities of an expert and professional writer while selecting one for their business advertisement and prominence.

Phyllis Prenatt is an award winning web content writer is the leading expert in writing content for websites aimed at professionals and generation-y audience alike and much more. She has written content for various niches and industries and is an expert in article writing services for the web. She has served in the web content industry for over a decade and has recently joined Cyber Writers as Editor-in-Chief.

Open source and faculty motivation
writing article
Image by opensourceway
Read the article on
Open source and faculty motivation

Created by Colleen Simon for

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June 7

Using UAW Article Writing to Promote Your Web Based Business


If you were to do a Google search right now on any niche that you are considering as a business, you will more than likely see millions of websites that are already in existence. When you have a new website, you need to work your way through all of them on Google in order to be successful. The most effective way to do this is with a UAW Article Writing campaign.

What most people don?t understand about article marketing is that Google only indexes one piece of content. What this means is that if you have the same article being published time and again, Google will more than likely only index it one time. You can publish the same article with the same resource box as much as you want, but it will do very little to help your ranking.

This is the one thing that standard article services don?t tell you about. They tout that they can get your article listed in hundreds, if not thousands of directories, but the fail to tell you that it is the same exact article time and again. You are basically wasting your money.

The one thing that you can do is use an ?article spinning program? that will change out keywords throughout the articles to give them a somewhat unique look to them. The danger in doing this is that while a synonym will work in some contexts, it will not work in all of them. When it is used inappropriately by the program, you end up with gibberish and possible clients shaking their head.

There is no arguing the fact that article marketing works, but there has to be a better way of getting unique content other than spending the money to have thousands of unique articles written for you and then submitting them to directories. The answer is UAW or Unique Article Wizard Article Writing. This will allow you to literally have thousands of articles generated off of just three original articles.

UAW article writing is something that should be done by a freelance writer unless you are experienced in this style of writing. It is very unique are very particular and if you are not careful, you could end up with an article similar to ones that are produced by the spinning services. Choose an article writing service that is proven and successful at UAW writing.

If you want your website noticed, using an aggressive UAW Article Writing campaign is far and away the best way to go. It will cost you the least amount of money and has been proven to be extremely effective in improving Google ranks. The decision is yours. You can continue to waste your money or go with a freelance writing service and software program that is putting people on page one, line one of Google.

When you are trying to promote your website or business, article marketing has been proven to be the best method to establish a quick Google rank. Use Simply the Best Writing for all of your article writing needs. You can contact Simply the Best Writing at

Image from page 605 of “St. Nicholas [serial]” (1873)
writing article
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: stnicholasserial392dodg
Title: St. Nicholas [serial]
Year: 1873 (1870s)
Authors: Dodge, Mary Mapes, 1830-1905
Subjects: Children’s literature
Publisher: [New York : Scribner & Co.]
Contributing Library: Information and Library Science Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Digitizing Sponsor: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

View Book Page: Book Viewer
About This Book: Catalog Entry
View All Images: All Images From Book

Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book.

Text Appearing Before Image:
>t. Nicholas in 1912 is a better comrade than ever for boys and girls of all ages. Beside the splendidals there will be scores of short stories, jolly jingles, beautiful pictures, and interesting, valuable articles.Three dollars a year. The Century Co., Union Square, New York. ST. NICHOLAS ADVERTISEMENTS WHY NOT St. Nicholas in Your School?

Text Appearing After Image:
Each dot means acity or town with schools receiving St. Nicholasin 1911. Every state and territory, save one, shows a schoolcirculation for the magazine. There are 476 cities and towns.St. Nicholas is used in some schools to supplement regularreading text-books; in others the teachers use it in languagereproduction work, nature study, geography or history. In othersthe magazine forms a valuable link between pupil and schoollibrary. The young person who discovers for himself thathigh-class reading is interesting—that he likes it—isgoing on with his education throughout his life; when-ever and wherever he has a minutes leisure and can gethold of a good magazine or book. ST. NICHOLAS Makes Good Reading Attractive Only S3.00 a YearTHE CENTURY CO., Publishers From the Letter of aConnecticut Teacher I am a teacher and take themagazine for my Seventh andEighth Grammar Grades. I wishyou could see the improvement inreading, both oral and silent, thathas resulted from the use of St.Nicholas

Note About Images
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

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May 2

Article Writing: How to Promote Your Home Business and Make Money From Article Marketing


Article writing is a skill that most people can learn, and if you know how to promote your home business by writing articles, and then article marketing can be an effective to make money. However, most people do not know how to write in such a fashion as to maintain the readers interest, and have an even less idea of how to properly use those that they do write.

Writing articles is a skill – that cannot be denied – but it is a skill that can be learned. Sure, you will need a reasonable grasp of grammar in your language, but not so much spelling if you use a good spell checker. It is not so much these that are the problem, as knowledge of how to write the content in such a way as to be of use to the reader.

Therefore, let’s consider the reader and what they are seeking when they find your article.

1. Information

People use the internet for information, to chat or to buy something, and by far the most extensive of these is information. The vast majority of people that use Google are seeking information of one kind or another. It could be a price, it could be technical information or even what time the next bus is due, but it is information and most of that is the type of information that you can provide them with by writing an article on their topic.

You might have website focusing on the niche, or simply write an article on it with a link to an affiliate product. In the latter you can make money without having a product or even a website, and in the former you have a means of collecting names and email addresses that you can use to keep in touch with people that have expressed an interest in your niche.

2. There is No 2

That’s right – there is no 2 that concerns you. People want information, pure and simple, and you can provide it to them either with a well constructed website that you advertise using article marketing, or with a well written article, offering good and accurate information about their subject, and that in their eyes will make you an expert in their subject. That’s right – their subject. It isn’t yours, but theirs, and you are providing information to them on their subject by writing articles on it.

Article writing is more than just knocking out a few quick essays, but involves good keyword research, time in providing useful informing of a type that people are genuinely seeking and also perhaps contains an element of the benefits a prospect can achieve by reading it.

How to Write Articles

There has to be a benefit for the reader, or there will be no incentive to read it. That benefit must be stressed in the title of the article: the first part of the article that anybody sees, and the part that will head your Google listing, or that of any other search engine. This confuses many people, but if you submit your articles to article directories, and your article is approved for publication, then it will appear on its own web page, and can be spidered and listed on search engines just like any other web page.

The title will be the heading for the listing, and your summary, or the first few words of the article, the summary that appears below the title in the listing. Visitors seeking information, using the keywords that appear in your title and article, will be offered your article to click, and hence the importance of a compelling title.

Use your main keyword early (main is ‘article writing’, and other main keywords in the rest – in my title I have managed to include: article writing, how to promote your home business, home business, make money, article marketing, money from article marketing

You expand on the theme of the title in the introductory paragraph, including the main keyword within the first 100 characters, and then write the article itself. Use keywords sparingly (once each 300 words), and use vocabulary that explains and defines the main keyword. Use a sparse sprinkling of the other keywords used in the title.

Overuse of keywords will result in your article being dropped from the listings, because Google’s purpose is to provide Google customers with good solid content, and not keyword repetition. Keep Google happy and you will be rewarded.

Most reward is in the form of high search engine listings for your keyword and lots of visitors. However, this can easily be transferred into cash if you have a good monetizing system operating on your website. You might be using Google Adsense adverts, selling affiliate products or offering a service, but traffic is what brings sales and writing articles brings the traffic.

As to the mechanics of article writing – well, let’s just refer to that as a different topic, since it would take more than one simple article to teach you article marketing, and the effective use of articles to advertise your website or product. Articles can be use to promote your home business, and you can also make money from article marketing if you understand how to do so.

For more complete information on article writing and how to make money from article marketing, visit Article Czar for a free writing course and other free gifts, and learn how to promote your home business in a very simply way.

Got an idea for a healthcare mobile app? Apply for a Rock Health grant.
writing article
Image by opensourceway
Read the article on
Got an idea for a healthcare mobile app? Apply for a Rock Health grant.

Created by Libby Levi for

April 13

Article Marketing Education to Build an Affiliate Marketing Business


Many people interested in the business opportunity called affiliate-marketing jump in sight unseen. They see others engaging in this type of marketing. They also see how easy it is to become an affiliate marketer, at no cost. The temptation is to jump in feet first and get to it. While an enthusiasm to “get at it” is admirable, it sometimes leads to wasted effort and diminished results.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing what should you do to ensure success comes faster? The first thing to do is gain an education on the benefits of article writing to promote an affiliate business. Next, gain an understanding on the article submission process. Finally, gain knowledge on how an article marketing service works to build your affiliate business.

Is there one source where you can access all of this useful information? There is; it’s the educational or “university” pages of premier article marketing services websites. The better services offer subscribers content that help them utilize article marketing to their best advantage.

Your job is to choose the service that offers the most current and relevant education. An article distribution service that incorporates learning modules from experts in the field is what you’re after. Look for the following to guide you in choosing a service with top-notch academic resources:

Free Live Telecourses

Seminars presented visually are a great way to learn the nuances of article marketing. Of course, seminars presented by recognized experts in this field are the best. That’s what a good article distribution service offers. They know only those who engage regularly in the process called article marketing are fit to teach it. You want to choose a service that utilizes the skills and experience of these specialists.

Audio-on-Demand Sessions

Another way to absorb useful knowledge quickly is via audio seminars. Here, you access knowledge according to your personal schedule. With audio-on-demand, you relax in your favorite chair, close your home office door, or put on headphones. You shut out the rest of the world, and just listen.

With concentration, you focus on expert commentary from seasoned article marketing professionals. Their advice, presented this way, gives you a deeper understanding on how to begin an article campaign. Listening helps you retain knowledge. You then incorporate this knowledge into your affiliate-marketing plan. These audio seminars show how article marketing is a major factor in affiliate marketing success.


A good article marketing university offers free E-Books. These relate to internet marketing in general and article marketing in particular. Topics offered range from article marketing best practices to writing headlines. Article marketing with blogs and RSS are also topics presented by a quality service.

Informative E-Books on using articles and technology to promote your business are essential. The better distribution services stay current on new ways to use article marketing. They continually update their educational portals so they convey the latest marketing methods to their subscribers. Therefore, an affiliate marketer is not stuck in a time warp. They are not oblivious to new article publishers on the scene or social media marketing methods.


Feeds, which you download to your mobile device, are an excellent way to learn on the go. In addition, you can download feeds to your PC home page or to your laptop. You gain article marketing and internet marketing training wherever you are.

As an affiliate marketer, you have no excuse for not furthering your education. A good article marketing school makes this “feed” option available. It’s important to choose an article marketing service that embraces digital technology fully. It shows they are state-of-the-art, and wish to make learning as user-friendly as possible for their subscribers.

A service that offers all of the above gets you up to speed quickly on what article marketing entails. Using the knowledge base of their expert teachers, they instruct on why article marketing works. They not only present the “why”, however. They clearly present the “how to do it.”

This is instruction geared towards writing article’s faster. Its instruction on writing quality articles that pass the requirements set forth by publishers. Additionally, it’s instruction on how quality article writing, and wide and deep article distribution builds affiliate marketers’ credibility.

After all, credibility as a marketer is what you’re after. What better way to build your trust factor than with words. Words presented to your niche market, via article marketing, are your business ambassadors.

Explore the educational offerings available to you through an article distribution service’s university pages. Learn in detail how widespread article distribution builds affiliate-marketing businesses. Let article-marketing expertise be the engine that drives your affiliate enterprise forward.

Brad McGovern is the Marketing Manager at
Article Marketer, and offers advice and news of note to article marketers. Learn how towrite quality articles here!

2014 – San Diego – MLK Jr Promenade – 1 of 4
writing article
Image by Ted’s photos – For Me & You
The Martin Luther Martin Jr. Promenade runs about 1 km adjacent to the trolley tracks between East Harbour Drive and the southwest perimeter of Gaslamp Quarter.

The promenade has several granite slabs engraved with some of Kings memorable quotes.

You may have a difficult time finding any on-line information on the Promenade. As an example, of 215 TripAdvisor entries for things to do in San Diego, the Promenade is not listed.
I find this a bit disturbing as walking down the promenade and reading Kings quotes should be mandatory for all San Diego visitors and residents as an opportunity to reflect on and heed his message.

As the following newspaper article notes, a King Memorial in San Diego faced a controversial ride to fruition.


SanDiego CityBeat

Wednesday, Jun 28, 2006

10 freakin’ years?
The history behind the struggle to build a memorial to Martin Luther King Jr.
By Kinsee Morlan

On a recent cloudy morning, I sat in the empty reception room of former District 4 City Councilmember George Stevens’ office on the corner of Federal Boulevard and Euclid Avenue waiting for “The Reverend,” as some call him, to show. He rolled up in his shiny Jaguar about 30 minutes late. He parked, then pulled an old green and white street sign from the back of his car. The sign read “Dr. M.L. King Way.”

A week prior, I had talked to Stevens for more than an hour. Half serious rant, half soapbox prattle, he filled me in on a bit of our city’s history regarding Martin Luther King Jr.

“There’s just been such a rejection of him in San Diego,” opined Stevens, who, along with former Caltrans District Director Gary Gallegos, first proposed the idea for the King memorial nearly 10 years ago. Now, Stevens wants no part of the King memorial project. Originally picked to be on the artist-selection panel, Stevens attended one meeting then turned his back in disappointment and disgust.

“What they’re trying to do with this project now is a make up for some things they did not do related to Dr. King in the past,” Stevens said. “That’s why you’re calling me; they’re still trying to do that. Just like they did with the freeway…. It’s a piecemeal sort of a thing.”

Consolation freeway, a drive-by history

California State Highway 94-the chunk of cement stretching from Downtown through District 4 and out to Campo-was renamed The Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway in 1989. Then-state Sen. Waddie Deddeh, a Democrat who represented the 40th District, was behind the push for the name change but had indicated at the time that no tax dollars could be used; instead, all funding for the construction and installations of the new signs would have to come from private contributions. The grassroots funding made the highway name change a slow and arduous process.

Stevens said that, initially, enough money was raised through private donations to buy just one sign, but not enough money to have it properly installed. Instead, Stevens said, the sign was placed in the ice plant on the side of the G Street entrance to the freeway. He said the “M” and “L” part of “MLK” were soon painted over to make the sign read “KKK.”

“People don’t like to talk about that part of San Diego’s history,” Stevens said.

It wasn’t until 10 years later, September 1998, that SANDAG finally stepped in and authorized .4 million to have the signs properly installed.

But even with the fancy reflective signs in place, Stevens still wasn’t satisfied. He said he thought the renaming of the freeway was a sort of consolation prize, a resolution born out of a previous debacle over the renaming of downtown’s Market Street.

Changing names

Market Street was a hotbed of African-American activity from the 1920s through the 1940s. Jazz clubs and black-owned businesses lined Market in an area that was once dubbed the “Harlem of the West.” That’s why Market Street was the obvious choice when Coretta Scott King visited San Diego in 1985 and suggested the city name a street in honor of her fallen husband.

One year after Mrs. King’s visit, the San Diego City Council voted in favor of renaming Market. Signs were quickly torn down and replaced, but business owners along the newly dubbed “Dr. M. L. King Way” weren’t happy with their new addresses. According to Stevens, a few local businesses were the driving force behind an initiative to change it back.

It didn’t take long for those business owners to gather enough signatures for a ballot initiative. On Nov. 3, 1987, nearly 60 percent of voters favored amending the San Diego municipal code so that “the street now known as Dr. Martin Luther King Way irrevocably be renamed Market Street.”

Stevens and others who wanted to publicly honor the memory of King viewed this as another slap in the face-and they weren’t about to settle for the Highway 94 consolation prize.

On Jan. 10, 1989, a group known as the San Diego Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute Citizen’s Committee recommended to the City Council that the Convention Center, which had yet to be officially named, be called the “San Diego Martin Luther King Jr. Convention Center.” With a vote of 7 to 2, the council passed the committee’s recommendation.

But, because the Convention Center sits on 11 acres of land owned by the Port of San Diego, the name change never happened. Port commissioners voted against the city’s recommendation, opting instead for the more marketable “San Diego Convention Center.”

African-American groups boycotted the Convention Center for nearly five years after that. The city tried to quash the problem with yet another consolation prize-a narrow, half-mile piece of land across the street from the Convention Center became the “Martin Luther King Jr. Promenade.” The impressive sounding promenade is actually a smallish, linear park. It’s made up of a walkway with a few granite segments memorializing King’s words and-among a handful of other, smaller public artworks-a large, steel disc-shaped sculpture with large chains dangling down one side called “Breaking of the Chains” by artist Melvin Edwards.

“We eventually got the Martin Luther King Jr. Promenade,” remembered Stevens. “That was a little dab of something.”

Filled in on some of the recent controversy surrounding the King memorial, he grunted in an “I told you so” way and said, “It was a controversy from the start.”