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Try To Acquire Excellent Language Skills for English Article Writing


Online world is largely dominated by English language and as it is recognized and acknowledged fact that it is the only language of communication across the world therefore, majority of online readers rely upon this mean and can easily get connected to the world. English article writing is the easiest way to disseminate information and this technique is using frequently for various purposes like for advertisement and promotion. But during online searching, you would have experienced that some times, you come across very poorly written articles full of grammatical errors which in spite of establishing an impressive and persuading impact, create a very bad impression over the reader and he quickly leaves the page.

Writing in a native language is not difficult for a person but good writing is the outcome of language proficiency as well as writing expertise, the combination of both can make a person able to write the best and perfect literary work which would be surly free of any language error. It is not a hard and fast rule that native writers can perform better than non native writers as it is the matter of creativity plus expertise. Both qualities can not do a magic separately but their amalgamation will pave the way to a master piece. In case of non native writer, it is advisable to learn the language basic rules and complexities as it is imperative for creating a better article and also to compete with native writers. If a foreigner writer wants to convey the message through English article writing specially for online readers then he must need to improve language expertise.

For these foreigner writers, there are some guidelines through which one can be able to confront this challenge. Before writing good article, one should clearly understand what type of article he or she is intended to write whether it is a journalism article, professional article, review article or article for a blog because each of these sorts of articles have their own defined writing styles. Once you have decided the kind of an article you really want to write then try to search out similar articles on Google and observe how they have crafted and their language quality

Another common mistake that should not be committed by foreigner writers while English article writing, there are subtle tones and expressions in each language and a translation may not express the accurate connotation a writer wants to communicate. Therefore, it is better not to translate your writing but you can make your language skills accurate when you start thinking in English, brainstorming in English and writing in English. When a person learns to think in a language then nothing can hinder him to get a command over it.

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Battery Steele (1942) – new graffiti (2014) :: hold.hands
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Image by origamidon
Florida Av, Peaks Island in Casco Bay, Portland, Maine USA • Walls wait for no one. This astonishing facility is a daily-changing gallery of expressive graffiti.

Battery Steele (1942), also known as U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Battery Construction # 102, a United States military fortification, completed in 1942 as part of World War II, it is located on 14 acres (5.7 ha) on the oceanside area of the island. It is named for Harry Lee Steele, who was a coastal artillery officer during World War I. It was built to protect Casco Bay, particularly Portland harbor, from Kennebunk to Popham Beach in Phippsburg. – from Wikipedia. ~ It’s now one of thirteen island parcels owned and managed by the Peaks Island Land Preserve

Portland and the other harbors of southern Maine were terribly important ports. Civil War forts still dotted the islands around these harbors, but Portland now needed far more advanced fortifications to protect it from German attack.

So Peaks Island became home to over eight hundred soldiers. Concrete bunkers and observation posts are everywhere. On the far side of the Island are two huge abandoned gun turrets separated by several hundred feet of underground tunnel. Each held a monster 16-inch naval gun. The guns were test-fired only once. Their blasts broke windows all over the island and the recoil, transmitted through rock, caused small earthquakes. After the war, an Islander ran into a German U-boat captain who said he’d spent the war looking at Peaks Island — through a periscope. … Invasive bittersweet vines, once planted as camouflage, now grow over that history. – From a report of a visit to the Island by John H. Lienhard.

☞ On October 20, 2005, the National Park Service added this structure and site to the National Register of Historic Places (#05001176).

• GeoHack: 43°39′32″N 70°10′50″W.


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