May 20

When Building A Website You Need To Hire A SEO Article Writing Company


SEO article writing is search engine optimized articles that are written for web sites and articles to drive visitors to your website from search engines. A SEO article writing company will write search engine optimization articles for your niche and will provide you with search engine optimized content to put on your website so that you get better traffic from search engines. They will provide you with top notch keywords for your website and articles and will include them in the website content and the search engine optimization articles so that the search engine spiders will pick up on them and rank you higher for those keywords.

It is vital to pick a SEO article writing service that will do the proper research for the best keywords to fit your website. You want to pick out keywords that gets a good search volume but not to many people competing for them. This part of SEO article writing is the crucial step in getting on top of search engines.

For instance lets say a website offers SEO article writing services and article marketing services. The keywords that would be used are the two obvious SEO article writing services and article marketing services but then you also would use lower monthly search volume keywords like best content writer, best article writers, search engine optimization articles for clients, and content writing services. See these keywords do not get huge volumes of monthly searches so not to many article marketing services companies bother to use them. This leaves you with a great chance to rank in the top 10 for these keywords and that will give you a huge percent of the search volume there is monthly.

If you hire a SEO article writing company to optimize your webpages for keywords that have lower competition but a good amount of monthly searches you will receive just about all of that traffic from the search engines. How search engines determine your position in the search engines for keywords is they look at your content relevance, meta tags, title, PR, backlinks, and site links. Mainly the content on your webpages and the number of backlinks you have is what matters the most.

Backlinks are created by a number of ways. You can create backlinks by posting to blogs, blog commenting, forum profiles, and article marketing. All of these are good but the best is article marketing. When you hire a SEO article writing company to write good search engine optimization articles and then post them to high PR article directories you create high authority backlinks. This gets you ranked higher and faster than anything else.

Now if you pick a company that does not know how to write SEO articles then you basically are wasting your time and money. A article has to be optimized to be really effective. This is how you get the articles indexed in the search engines for that keyword and how you get high rankings for the keyword.

People who use search engines will only usually look at the first page results. Sometimes they will look at the second page. If your website is not filled with the keywords people search for your website then you will not get any traffic from search engines. Same goes with your SEO articles a SEO article writing company writes for you. You must have search engine optimized articles and website content to get good search engine rankings.

So the question that lies in front of you is, how do you know what SEO article writing company is best for you? It’s simple. Pick a company that has proven results and well written samples. Look at their website and analyze their statistics on their website. You do not want to pick a company that has a bad PR or Alexa ranking for their own website. Look at their reviews. Any good SEO article writing company will have non-bias reviews. Always purchase a sample article to see what you will get before you order a large amount of content. If you follow these tips when picking a SEO article writing company then you will be on top of the search engines in no time. If you ignore everything I said then you will be were you are now in a few months from now and will fill like you are spinning your wheels.

WV Writing Services specializes in affordable Article Marketing. We help webmasters optimize their websites to make them search engine friendly. All of our seo articles are done at affordable prices. We just launched Article Spark, which is a new all-in-one Internet Marketing Package to get you Branded on the Internet and to drive traffic to your website by the way of seo article writing. Plans Start at 9.

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May 6

Article Marketing By The Means Of SEO Article Writing Can Boost Your Website Sales


Article marketing with seo article writing is an awesome way to drive tons of new traffic to your website. Yes we all know the search engines love websites that is packed with new and fresh information. Yes there is other ways to get people to your website other than by seo article writing and article marketing. However the best way is seo article writing.

Article marketing by the way of seo article writing is always new because you are always writing new valuable information on your niche. So all the seo articles you write has the potential to be indexed by Google, Yahoo and the other major search engines if you write the articles correctly.

Article marketing with seo articles is not as simple as one thinks. SEO article writing has procedures you have to follow to get the best results out your seo articles. There are steps to follow to get the article listed in the search engines.

SEO means search engine optimization. Articles written with the use of keywords is what seo articles is. SEO article writing only works if you can put the keywords in the correct places. Article marketing can only be useful if you do it right. Here is the right steps to writing seo articles.

Firstly, select a few keywords that best matches your product or service. Choose something people search for when wanting to find your product. This is done by looking at the search volumes on the words you choose. Google ad words works good for this. Pick words that has high search volume but low people using them.

You can find programs that does this for you but they can be costly. Costly but worth it in my opinion. It saves you time that you can use for other important tasks for your business. Google ad words will work just fine if you need to use it.

Step two in article marketing by the use of seo article writing is to place the keyword or words in your title. You want the title to be between 9 and 17 words long and contain your keyword. You can use 1 or 2 keywords for each seo article.

The most important step is the last one. Place your keyword in the first 50 characters of the article. Then for every one hundred words or more place one of the keywords. Don’t make the keywords fit in exactly every one hundred words. The seo articles needs to make sense to the readers! The main thing to article marketing is knowing were to place your words.

Now that you know how to write seo articles lets look at the benefits of seo article writing. Article marketing with seo articles gives your website backlinks when you post the seo articles on article sites or blogs. The backlinks is the most important part of determining your search engine rankings. With that being said the backlinks you build have to be related to your niche. Those backlinks carries more weight than backlinks on sites that are not on topic with your site. Take note to the categories you are trying to post to.

The most important part of seo article writing is proving to the readers that you know what you are talking about and are not just like so many other websites out trying to sell you a product or services. Writing seo articles gives the visitor’s something to look forward on your site and will visit again and again. Eventually they will end up buying if they keep returning.

Article marketing with seo articles takes practice to get it right. However it’s worth the extra time and effort it takes to write informative articles. If you don’t have the time to engage in seo article writing you can hire a freelance writer to write your seo articles for you.

WV Writing Services understands article marketing and specializes in seo article writing. We offer some of the lowest prices for seo articles on the Internet.

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