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Why Should a Virtual Assistant Take Up Article Writing?


Everyone is telling new Internet marketers that one of the greatest ways to increase the visibility of their site, their company, as well as themselves is to write articles. Why? Let’s explore together whether article writing really is a good option and some of the reasons why you will do well to implement this and add it to your marketing plan.

1) Article writing can establish you as a subject matter expert.

You have gone into business with a purpose in mind as to what services and/or products you will offer to your clients. You have done this because you usually are very well-versed in that industry and believe that you can become successful and get a return on investment. By writing articles and having them published on the Internet, you are effectively saying that you know what you are talking about. People are going to trust you and want to read more content from you.

2) You don’t have to make a big investment to start writing articles.

We’re all conscious of money concerns these days, especially with the financial straits that our country is in right now. Writing articles can be done without spending a lot of cash. You can write them using a word processor or article writing software and then submit manually or through an article distribution service. Some will even allow you to submit for free.

3) Publishers and content site owners are always looking for new content.

By using an article distribution service, you can have your articles distributed to publishers and content site owners that are just clamoring for new information that they can publish to their avid readers. You get to choose the niche you want to write about and have it included in the categories that are most applicable to that niche. You couldn’t ask for better than that.

4) Your links to your website are published and readers click on those links.

I highly recommend that virtual assistants start out in Internet marketing with writing articles. This is a great way to drive traffic to your website, Squidoo pages, forums, blogs, social networks, and more. You have a convenient way to provide one or more links. Your articles get published and people click on your links. Wow! What a deal. Not only that, if you submit articles for your clients, you can drive traffic to their site, as well.

5) You have reusable content that you can use multiple times.

Articles are great for providing content that you can use over and over again, either in whole or in part. Do you have a blog site? If you have an article that you’ve submitted to various article directories, then you can take bits and pieces of that article and put it on your blog. You can also take multiple articles that you’ve written and bind them together into an eBook. Writing articles can act as a stepping stone into other areas of Internet marketing.

6) You can gain clients in a rapidly expanding section of Internet marketing.

By learning the ins and outs of article writing, you become knowledgeable. That means that you can specialize in Internet marketing, specifically in article writing.

There are three different areas that you can establish yourself as a service provider – an article writer, an article submitter to various article directories, or maybe it’s more your cup of tea to offer article editing to clients. Specialize in one or more – the time is right as this area of Internet marketing is gaining popularity rapidly.

So why should a virtual assistant take a look at article writing? Is it really worth the time and effort? I would say unequivocally yes. You’ve probably heard me say before that a virtual assistant should always be looking for ways to increase their value to a client.

Article writing has multiple benefits – both to you and your company, as well as potential clients. With the economy the way it is right now, the time is now to embark on a journey that will allow you to be looked upon as an expert in the article writing field for little investment. Publishers and content site owners are always looking for articles to include in their directories and can’t get their hands on enough.

Article writing is very popular right now; by writing articles, you will have content that you can use multiple times for blogs, websites, forums, and much more. Each time you have your articles published, you have a prime opportunity to drive traffic to your website or to your company as the readers out there click on your links.

In addition, not only can you increase your visibility, you can offer article writing services to your clients. It’s a win, win situation. Besides, writing gives you an outlet to relieve some of the pressures of real life by expressing yourself and releasing that pent-up creativity in you that you forgot you even had.

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